Sudden Realization: Beautiful Moments in Life

Mei Yu

PureInsight | June 23, 2007

[] In mundane
daily life, frequently there are beautiful moments that twinkle by in a
flash. At such moments, language seems so insufficient. Only that
beautiful moment is engraved in one's mind.

Friends, you may remember the touching moments, like sweet first love,
the reunion after long separation, an understanding smile between
intimate friends, or sympathetic words when you were wrongly accused. I
had experienced all of these most happy memories.  But, I am
fortunate to have possessed a moment even more beautiful than these.

The first time I saw Master, I couldn't help shedding tears. I believe
it was Master's compassion that struck my innermost microcosm. From
that moment on, every cell of my body was so moved that it wept. It is
the most beautiful moment of my life.

After I began walking on the path of cultivation, the beautiful moment
is nothing more than the moment of my xinxing level being lifted to the

When I encounter a problem, I do not feel anxious and can think of the
requirement of the Fa and use the compassion to solve the problem. It
is the moment of tranquility and auspiciousness.

When a principle of the Fa flashes in my mind like a spark during Fa
studying, my soul, like a window being opened, suddenly becomes bright.
It is a moment of clarity, fresh and splendid.

When I treat others who I am not fond of with a different attitude and
put myself in their position to think about the problem, my tightly
bound mind opens up all of a sudden. It is a most relaxed and
worry-free moment.

When I see a life that is being cheated by lies wakes up to reality and
suddenly finds itself in front of the truth and chooses goodness with
resolution, it is a gratifying moment.

There are many such moments on my cultivation path. Unfortunately, my
writing is too bad to write all of them down. And, regrettably, human
language may be too limited to convey them the way they really are.

Friends, if you possess the same beautiful moments, then when you
encounter any difficulties and hardships, your soul will be like sweet
dew deep down. If you haven't experienced such a moment, I wish you
were able to have such moments of tranquility, happiness, and

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