A Story of Two Little Taoists

PureInsight | June 28, 2007

[PureInsight.org] My family
lived in a mountainous area of Shandong Province.  When I was
little, an old man told me a story. At that time, I only knew the
details of the story but not the deep meaning.  Now I practice
Falun Dafa and finally realize what it really means.  I would like
to share this story with everyone.

Long ago, there was a temple up on the mountain and many Taoists lived in it.

One summer, two little Taoists were cutting wood on the mountain. 
One of the Taoists was tall and heavy, but the other short and skinny.

After they each cut a bundle of wood and were walking back to the
temple, suddenly there was a violent wind storm and dust was
everywhere.  When they walked to the Hay Cutter's Back, a small
and narrow path, neither of them could see the other even though they
were very close to each other.

The Hay Cutter's Back is not only very narrow but also very
treacherous: There were sharp and straight cliffs with canyons below on
both sides.

The wind was relentless. The two little Taoists were blown off the
path. The bigger one hung on a big tree and the smaller one on a
smaller tree.

When both of them regained consciousness, the bigger Taoist shouted:
"Master, we fell off the mountain and are hanging on a tree. 
Please rescue us. We will persist and wait for you to help us."

After the skinny Taoist regained consciousness, he said, "Mom, I fell
off the mountain and I am hanging on a tree. I am very scared and I
think that I am going to die."

Their Master from the temple came soon and found vines from the
mountain. He made two ropes and secured the ropes on a huge rock. 
The two ropes were thrown down to the two little Taoists.

The bigger Taoist saw the rope and knew that his Master was coming to
rescue him. He did not think about anything, grabbed the rope, climbed
straight up the cliff, and was back on the Hay Cutter's back.  He
knelt down on the ground and thanked his Master for saving his life.

When the skinny Taoist saw the rope, he was not happy and he thought
that his master was so stupid that the rope was made too thin to save
him and it would break sometime soon.

The skinny Taoist took one more look and saw the bigger Taoist who was
back on the path.  He thought, "He is a heavy weight and I am a
feather weight.  I am sure that his rope will not break for
someone like me."  The skinny Taoist decided which rope that he
should use.

He then climbed to the bigger tree and grabbed the rope that had been
used. To his surprise, the rope broke immediately and he fell down into
the canyon.

The meaning of this story is that cultivators should firmly believe in
their master and cannot use ordinary people's notions to analyze
matters. Only when cultivators can do that, can they pass the trials of
life and death. If cultivators cannot let go of their human notions,
the outcome will be very dangerous.

Translated from: http://big5.minghui.org/mh/articles/2006/5/28/128998.html

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