Wisdom Comes From a Tranquil Heart

Guan Ming

PureInsight | June 28, 2007

[PureInsight.org] When one
cannot let go of attachments and impure notions, one becomes impulsive.
As a result, one cannot make a correct assessment of one's environment
and cannot take rational steps to resolve problems in life. When we
meditate and eliminate all notions in our minds, our minds are empty
and a wonderful feeling will spread out to both our bodies and minds.
When we reach this state by keeping our minds empty, there will be a
void wherein comes the wisdom. In our most tranquil moments, comes the
fruit of wisdom after our souls have transcended.

When ordinary people are so lost in profits and personal gains, it is
very difficult to ask them to let go of their emotions and desires. As
a result, they cannot control their sadness and resentment and thus
fail to reach a state of tranquility. As for cultivators, they have
understood the truth of the universe, let go of fame, fortune, and
sentimentalities. In that way, they can also be tolerant and forgiving
and their minds are beyond those of ordinary people. For that reason,
they can easily become tranquil. It is through the process of
cultivating one's mind in this mundane world to obtain an empty mind
that he can have the wisdom that ordinary people cannot have.

When I walk on a busy street, I can see there are so many things that
attract the eyes. There too many temptations in this world to trap an
insatiable heart. It is very difficult for a non-cultivator to maintain
an empty mind. In the Buddha School, it said, "From precept to Samadhi,
and Samadhi brings wisdom." It means that it is from tranquility that
one obtains the power that brings wisdom. The Buddha School talks about
moving from tranquility to wisdom and enlightenment. The Tao School
talks about controlling oneself to reach tranquility and then on to the
great way of cultivation. Confucianism talks about going from
tranquility to obtaining wisdom, from cultivating oneself to managing
the household, the country, and then bringing peace and prosperity to
the entire world. Tranquility is not only about cultivation but also
about wisdom. When one can stay calm during a crisis, the wisdom to
solve the crisis will spring forth. An impulsive mind not only fails to
resolve problems but also makes the matters worse.

The troubles in life come from insatiable hearts and endless
temptations. Just look at the violence and sex in movies. Young people
are particularly affected by them and become restless. A little bit of
discord can turn into violence which has been looked upon as bravery.
However, to stay calm during a crisis, contain one's emotions, and be
calm and kind toward others comes only to those whose heart is
tranquil. Only when one can stay calm in any circumstances, can one
deal with his environment rationally. In Romance of the Three Kingdoms,
when strategist Zhu Geliang, after having lost the battle in Jie Ting,
heard that Sima Yi was leading150,000 troops to attack Xicheng County,
he did not panic even though he had only 2,500 soldiers to guard the
city. Zhu took two servant boys and a zither with him. While the
incense was burning, he played the zither on the balcony. The calm and
soothing music scared away Sima Yi who was full of suspicion. The
entire city and the soldiers were saved. Such a calm mind is far beyond
the imagination of ordinary people.

In this mundane world, a tranquil mind/heart is like a huge mountain:
tall, erect, and peaceful. An impulsive mind/heart is like duck weed in
the water, floating according to the wind. With a tranquil mind/heart,
one can listen, but not caring whether one hears. Regardless of the
rising tide and surging wind, if your mind/heart can remain unchanged
under any circumstances, your life will be enhanced.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/6/26/44549.html

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