I Saw the Miracles of Dafa

A Family Member of Dafa Practitioners

PureInsight | June 18, 2007

[PureInsight.org] I'm an
everyday person. I haven't practiced cultivation but my parents are
Dafa practitioners. Since they began practicing Dafa, there have been
so many miracles happening in my family.

My mother began to practice Dafa around 1996. At first, we were against
it because we did not know what Dafa was about. But my mother continued
practicing cultivation resolutely. She also told us that Falun Gong is
a form of supernormal science and a high-virtue Dafa. It is for
teaching others to be good and it is for cultivating "Truthfulness,
Compassion, and Forbearance." Before practicing cultivation, my mother
had high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, rheumatism, kidney
stone, cholecystitis, arthritis, and other problems. Almost every place
in her body was unhealthy.

After my mother began practicing cultivation, her health began to get
better day after day. Before, whenever I went back home to see her, she
would be lying on the bed and her facial complexion always looked very
bad. But after she began practicing Dafa, her face has become bright
and it even glows. She has become totally healthy and very energetic.
Also she looks much younger than before. Later, my father also began
practicing cultivation. My father's health was also not very good. His
blood pressure was high. He also had pulmonary tuberculosis and
nephrosis. After he began practicing Dafa, all these diseases were gone.

After seeing all these changes, we were not against their practicing
Dafa anymore. Gradually we all learned about Dafa. Sometimes we would
also help our parents with some Dafa projects to save sentient beings.
Although we did not really practice cultivation, sometimes we would
also read Dafa books. We all memorized Master's Hong Yin and the Fa-rectification verses.

Once I had dream. In my dream there was a huge flame and many people
were struggling inside the flame. I was so worried, so I spread my arms
and rushed into the flame. At the same time, I yelled: "Falun Dafa is
good!" Immediately, the flame was gone. It was a miracle! It was really
a miracle. I had similar dreams many times. I saw that whenever I
yelled "Falun Dafa is good," my body would become enormous.

When my daughter was four years old, purplish patches appeared all over
her right leg. We spent some money for treating the disease but it
wasn't successful. I was very sad. Every time I went to visit my
mother, she told me: "Tell the child to remember ‘Falun Dafa is good',
‘Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance" and recite it with her
heart. This will cure the disease for sure." My mother also gave my
daughter an amulet to wear on her neck. The child began to recite
"Falun Dafa is good" and "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance"
every day. Within several months it was indeed completely cured. It was
another miracle. Now my daughter is 11 years old. Because she has Dafa
in her mind, she has never gotten sick. She's very healthy and
vivacious. Another child who has the same disease was not cured even
after the parents spent several tens of thousands of yuan (thousands of USD). Master is so compassionate even to everyday people like us. I truly thank Master!

In July of 2006, my mother went to visit my sister in another town. One
day I went to my parents' home to visit my father. I was shocked when I
saw him. His entire face was totally changed and I couldn't even
recognize him. The whole right part of his face was distorted. One eye
was above the normal position and the other below the normal position.
One eye was too big and the other too small. The mouth was badly tilted
to the left and he could not move his right face at all (people said
that this was called "facial paralysis"). Although I knew that Dafa was
miraculous, but I really didn't know what was happening to my father,
so I asked him to hurry and go see doctors. My father would not go. He
told me: "I'm a practitioner and I'll be okay. This is because my xinxing did not improve when it was supposed to be, so the devils took advantage of it. I'll be totally fine after I improve my xinxing.
It's unnecessary to see doctors." I felt a little better after hearing
that. Three days later my father's face indeed returned back to normal.
Their neighbor saw it and exclaimed: "It really did go away! This is so

I've seen all these things with my own eyes and experienced them
myself. I'm so excited. Again, I am thankful for Master's compassionate
protection of my family. I hope all the people in the world will awaken
and not listen to the lies of the CCP. Please say some just words for
Dafa and Dafa practitioners!

Translated from: http://zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/6/12/44374.html

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