A Thought from the Fei Lai Feng (Peak Flown from Afar)

Nian Ci

PureInsight | July 8, 2007

[PureInsight.org] Have you been
to Hangzhou? Do you know the tale of the Fei Lai Feng? It was said that
one day, the Monk Ji Gong predicted that a certain mountain would fly
to the village and land in front of the Ling Yin Temple at noon. He was
worried about that many people would die because of the landing of the
mountain, so he got up in early morning and ran to the village and told
every household: "A mountain will fall in the village this noon, you'd
better move quickly, otherwise it will be too late!"

Everyone shook their heads and debunked what he said: "The mad monk
came to have a joke again. Heavy as a mountain is, who has ever seen
any mountains that could fly?"

The sun was rising higher and higher and soon it was close to noon, Ji
Gong became very anxious. At that moment, suddenly he heard some sounds
of the instrument suona. He
followed the sound and found there was a wedding ceremony going on –
the broom and bride were kowtowing and giving thanks to the heaven. The
house was full of happy atmosphere with many people running in and out.
Ji Gong scratched his head and came up with an idea: oh, yes! He pushed
away the crowd and dashed into the hall, then he grabbed the bride on
his shoulder and galloped out of the village.

The red clothing cover on the bride's head was still on, she felt
herself being carried by a person who was running, not knowing what
happened, she could do nothing but cry. The mad monk kidnapped the
bride. It was really a crisis! Those villagers were so angry and
quickly got whatever they can find: door bars, shoulder poles, hoes and
rakes, then they started to chase Ji Gong and shouted at the same time:
"Catch the mad monk Ji Gong! Catch the mad monk Ji Gong!" and "Stop
him, don't let the mad monk Ji Gong go!"

This stirred the whole village, no matter whether or not they were
relatives or friends, women or men, older or younger, everyone went out
to chase Ji Gong. Only the moneybags who lived in the east of the
village did not move. He just stood there and watched: "Ha, the Living
Buddha went to snatch the bride, big news! He he!"

Carrying the bride, Ji Gong just kept running. He was so fast that the
crowd followed him for more than ten miles. When the sun was just in
the middle of the sky, Ji Gong stopped and put the bride down. Then he
sat on the ground and fanned himself to cool down. The villagers ran up
close and just before they started to beat Ji Gong, the sky suddenly
went totally dark and the wind blew strongly. A huge sound was heard
and the people were shaken and fell down. When they got up, the wind
stopped and the clouds disappeared, the sun came back again, however, a
mountain could be seen sitting on the very site of the village. Then
the villagers realized: The reason for Ji Gong's taking the bride was
for saving the lives of all the villagers, and the moneybags who was
standing aside and laughing was dead under the mountain. Except for
appreciation, what else could those villagers say to Ji Gong after this?

Now the hardships of the Chinese nation caused by the ruthless Chinese
Communist Party are innumerable. It is time to demolish the CCP by the
will of heaven. The Epoch Times published the Nine Commentaries on the
Communist Party and the Declaration of Withdrawing from the CCP. These
are the mercy calls from the Buddha, which give the people the chance
to help themselves. The Falun Dafa practitioners are telling the truth
in spite of the violence and the threats to their own safety, which are
for the purpose of saving the majority. Everybody, please run for your
lives before the mountain comes. Withdrawfrom the CCP, the CYL and the
CYY. Otherwise it will be too late to regret!

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/7/2/44626.html

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