What I Have Learned About "Never Mind, Take No Notice"

Xin Lian (France)

PureInsight | July 20, 2007

[PureInsight.org] I learned the significance of "never mind, take no notice" from a small incident that happened today.

I called my friend but she was out. The lady who shares the room with
her answered the call. (My friend left her cell phone in their room.)
Knowing that she was not in, I said to the lady:  "I will give her
a call after she comes back." Later on, the lady told me that she felt
strange when she saw that I had called her from home. I replied that I
called her cell phone number because I had known that she was not at
home. She repeated "That is strange." I could not help but refuting her
with "There is nothing strange about it. Since I knew she was not at
home, I called her cell phone!"

Then I felt uneasy about this because I realized that I refuted the
lady because I cared about and minded what she said. The lady used a
tone that made me feel uncomfortable, thus I replied her in a similar
manner. This is what an everyday person would do:  If you censure
me, then I must exclaim against you because I don't want to be at a

Master Li promoted "Do not care nor mind, detach from combat" in his
article "In the Dao". In fact, the reason why I took offense and
rebuked the lady was that I had not given up the mentality of combating
with other people.

If we would think and treat our everyday life from the perspective of
an everyday person, then we will not be able to go beyond the scope of
an everyday person. Since an everyday person always takes himself or
herself into account when he or she deals with daily life, the person
tends to vie with other people on issues like this. From her
perspective, the lady made no mistake when she thought it strange that
I called my friend. From my perspective I was not wrong either. Both of
us thought about the issue and dealt with it from our own respective
angles. However, what we should do, when someone else has some
confusion, is to calmly clarify the situation. We should not put our
own perspective in the situation and vie with the person who asks the
question. Otherwise we would not be up to the standard of a Dafa

I derived the above idea from this experience. I appreciate any comment or correction.

Translated from: http://zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/7/2/44631.html

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