Nature's Mysteries Hidden in Myths

A Falun Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | July 15, 2007

[] One major
resource of Chinese culture is the mythological culture, in which myths
are the most important stream. When you look at those long-lasting
classics, you will find that the common elements of them include
splendid mythological stories. Take, for example, the glorious novel, Dreams of the Red Mansion
(or The Story of the Stone). Without the mysterious beginning in which
Jia Baoyu's visits the world of dreams in his dream and many other
dreams in the novel, it would be just a female love story portraying
ancient noble life and would hardly be carried down from generation to
generation. Why are Feng Shen Yan Yi (Creation of the Gods) and the Xi You Ji (Journey to the West) well-known as well? It is also because of the unforgettable myths in them.

One day I thought of the Goddess Nu Wa, who created human beings from
earth, according to the ancient myths. However, from drawings and the
descriptions in literature, she was half a beautiful woman and half a
snake. What was the reason? I could not understand. But after I studied
Dafa, one day I seemed to understand.

The image of the Goddess might reveal a mystery: human beings were
created by the goddess in her likeness. Inside the human beings there
is Buddhist nature (represented by the top half) and the Devil
(represented by the bottom half). If one wants to return to the heaven
one needs to get rid of the devil (the tail), so the goddess Nu Wa
didn't have a tail in the images when she was in heaven. I realized
that the tail represents the physical human body on the earth, which
also means the shell of the human being, which must be discarded if one
is to ascend.  In the myth about a carp leaping into the Dragon's
Gate, it also says that the carp that jumped over the Dragon's Gate
will have its tail burned off by the heavenly fire. The gods used the
tail to represent the devil and devil nature. Also, the Chinese
character for "devil" hides high mystery, because the character of the
family name of Chairman Mao contains part of the character "devil." And
the other part of the character "tail" means "corpse," which reveals
that following the head devil and the devil CCP will lead to death.

When the gods created human beings and their characters, the end of the
full-scale drama had been already been predicted. Now on the big stage
for the human beings the end is just appearing, demolishing the red
devil! It is the end for the tail! How mysterious the mythological
culture is! How many mysteries were hidden in the myths?

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