Short Real-Life Story: Department Head Obtained Dafa

Shan Yuan

PureInsight | July 30, 2007

[] In the end of
year 2005, the wonderful book "Nine Commentaries on XX Party" was
quietly spread in mainland China. The number of people who withdrew
from the XX party increased quickly. One day, a department head met a
Falun Dafa practitioner when he visited a city. That practitioner gave
him the book "Nine Commentaries on XX Party" and asked him to withdraw
from the party. He said that he would read the book first and then
decide what to do next.

In fact, the book "Nine Commentaries" has been spread around for almost
a year. He had heard about it a long time ago. After he finished
reading the book, he really knew the evil nature of the Communist
Party. He decided to withdraw from this evil party who had killed so
many people and committed so many evil crimes.

One day, this department head visited that town again. He tried to find
that Falun Dafa practitioner who gave him the book. He could not find
him. He returned to his home city with regret. Some days later, this
department head visited another town with his team. After he got there,
he started to find Falun Gong practitioners. After he found one, he
asked him:" Are you able to submit request for me to withdraw me from
xx party?" That practitioner said that he could. This department head
said:" That is great. Please submit the party withdraw request for me."
In addition, he said: "There are around twelve people who came with me.
Please talk to them and let them withdraw from the party." The Falun
Gong practitioner was moved by him. He immediately clarified the truth
those people who came with that department head. He talked about how
Dafa has spread around the world, what the wonderful things are that
Dafa brings to people, why Jiang and Luo's regime wanted to persecute
Falun Gong, and how the introduction of the book "Nine Commentaries"
and withdrawing from evil party can bring people peace. After listening
to what he said, people knew the truth. Many people wanted to withdraw
from the evil party.

After he returned home,  this department head  thought that
he should not only think about himself. He should ask his family and
relatives to withdraw from the party. He started to clarify the truth
to his family, his relatives and his co-workers. He has helped 32
people withdraw from the evil party.

Dafa saves the people who have the predestination with Dafa. After this department head read this precious book Zhuan Falun,
he knew the real reason that people live in this world. He knew the
real meaning of being a human being and where people will go in the
future. After they  obtained Dafa, his two colleagues also started
cultivating Dafa.

Since then, the department head has the most honorable belief in his
life and became the happiest person in the world. He works and also
practices Falun Gong. In his spare time, he clarified truth to his
friends. With his help, more than sixty people learned the truth and
withdrew from the evil organization. He felt that he was very lucky
that he was under the shining of Dafa: the law of universe
"Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance." He wishes that more people
in the world would learn the truth and be saved. He wishes that more
people could obtain and cultivate Dafa.

(Note: For his safety, we did not give out his real name and address.)

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