Udumbara Flowers

A Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | September 16, 2007

[PureInsight.org] I started
practicing Falun Gong in 1993. I was quite young then and loved to
play. I attended Master's nine-day Fa teaching classes many times. I
was very diligent. I had a lot of respect for Master because he was the
only one who taught qigong towards high levels. I also had a lot of
fear that I was not good enough and Master might not consider me as a
disciple. Therefore, I was very strict with myself.

At that time, I had never sat in a full lotus position before, so it
was not easy for me to double-cross my legs. I started to sit in a full
lotus position from the very beginning. It was so painful that my body
trembled and sweat and tears flowed down continuously. In two months, I
was able to sit for two hours. I required myself to maintain my xinxing not
only when I was awake but also when I was in a dream state. Every day I
thought about the areas that I did not do right. Master had not
mentioned that we had to pay attention to studying the Fa then, but I
studied the Fa every day and loved it.

Because I was very diligent, I felt that Master was with me all the
time no matter where Master was teaching the classes. Master's portrait
was not still and could move like a real person. At night when I lay in
bed, I could see Master's little golden law bodies all over my room, so
many just like the stars up the sky. It was indeed very spectacular.

In my room, there was Master's portrait, Dafa books, Master's lecture
tapes, and videotapes for teaching the exercises. I cleaned my room and
kept it dust free every weekend. One weekend, in the summer of 1994, I
discovered something whitish behind my head board.  They had
slender and delicate stalks and with a wonderful smell. I had never
seen anything like it and had no idea what they were. I also had two
Master's recent photo on the table. When I wanted to wash the
tablecloth and take it off the table, I found the same stuff growing on
the tablecloth. I was not too happy about it. I thought, "This is the
table cloth for my Master and how dare you to grow on it." I thought
that Master was truly so compassionate to even let things grow on the
tablecloth. I found the same stuff on the frame of my screen window. I
had never read any Buddhist scriptures? How would I know that they were
the symbols of the King of the Falun Paradise teaching the Fa in the
human world?

This year, a practitioner gave me some articles and I saw the pictures.
I suddenly recall the stuff that grew in my room and understood that
they were the udumbara flowers that bloom only once every three
thousand years.

I thought about it for a while and realized that it should be nothing
unusual about these flowers blooming in China first since Master's Fa
teaching started in China. I was so fortunate to see this rare flower
in bloom.

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