Thoughts about Life: Boundless Compassion

Guan Ming

PureInsight | October 3, 2007

[] Most people
who were born in the 1960's in the villages of China experienced many
hardships. Not to mention those political movements that occurred one
after another that made people suffer. People went through famine,
which was very difficult. People did not know right from wrong and were
controlled by the "western evil ghost" that is full of lies and
violence. They could not control themselves because they were
influenced by the external environment and drifted along with it. I was
born in such an age. All of my childhood memories are full of darkness.
Under the control of the political regime, there was no truth. Our
minds were negatively affected and we only endured silently. Gradually,
hate took root in my young heart unconsciously.

In this human society, it is impossible to avoid fighting or cheating
one another. In January 1982, I was assigned to work in the northwest
region after I graduated from college.  It was an unreasonable
decision made by the university administration official because he
wanted to take vengeance on me. At that time I was less than 20 years
old.  I said goodbye to my parents in the piercing cold wind,
carried very simple luggage and got on the train to the Qinghai
plateau. I felt so sad. There was no rain throughout the year on the
Qinghai plateau so the weather conditions were extremely bad. In
addition, I did not have any relatives or friends. It was hopeless to
return home. Depression continued to attack me. Soon I got sick. One
day I chatted with the head of our research institute. I told him, "I
want to transfer my job to my home town." I could not believe that this
middle-aged manager who had suffered the same hardship in this plateau
did not have any sympathy. Instead, he laughed coldly for about seven
to eight minutes with a sinister look on his face.  It seemed as
if he took pleasure in another's misfortune. He told me, "I have
suffered for more than 20 years and I could not transfer back to my
hometown. Yet you want to go back after only two days. You're dreaming.
As long as I am the head here, you will never be able to transfer back
to your hometown."  His terrifying cold laugh and the way he got
pleasure by giving people a hard time, was deeply engraved in my young
mind. After many years when I think about this, my heart still flutters
with fear.

Later on, I hated him deeply. I wanted to register for the exams for
enrolling in overseas graduate schools. He asked his secretary not to
give me the confirmation letter so that I could not take the exam even
though I had prepared for it for a year. In the second year, I got the
confirmation letter from the vice head of the institute and took the
exam when the head of the institute was on a business trip. When he
came back from the business trip, he said mean words to the vice head.
Later on, I passed the exam with a very high score. He still used his
power to try to stop me from going abroad. But I was able to go abroad
through a special way. When I arrived, he said, "His (referring to the
author) registered permanent address and relationship documents are in
our research institute. Where can he go? As long as I am alive, he has
to return to work here." Many years later, I wanted to get married. He
tried to stop my co-worker from getting my unmarried confirmation
document. In the end, I did not even get it.

Along with the social moral standards sliding downwards, I witnessed
many brutal persecutions that were a hundred times more severe than
mine. The evil CCP party officials persecuted people beyond description
in this human world. Before my cultivation (in Falun Dafa), all my past
experiences had created so much hate in me that it was hard to remove.

Objectively speaking, if I had not known our merciful Master and Dafa
in my life, I would not have been able to eliminate this hatred. If I
did not have our Master's teaching and guidance, I would not have been
able to forgive those people who have wronged me in the past. However,
the boundless Dafa created mercy in my heart. The huge energy that the
light of the mercy carries eliminated all the hatred instantaneously
from my heart. When I look at all the sentient beings with a smile, I
feel pity on those evil party officials who were deceived by the "evil
ghost" and who took pleasure in giving other people a hard time. How
could you keep your happiness for long if it was built on other
people's suffering? If I had the opportunity to see these people
overseas, the only thing I would do is to persuade them to be kind.

Today when I look toward my hometown from far away and think about my
compatriot, the old feeling of resentment disappears. I was freed from
the hatred. If a person is unselfish, he will be filled with
compassion. Everything in front of him is clear to him. With boundless
mercy, he will have a happy laugh from the bottom of his heart. It is
complete enlightenment. I deeply feel that it will be very beautiful if
there is no hatred. If one does not have any hatred, then one is not
far from the Tao or maybe one is cultivating the Tao.

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