Stories of Famous People: Einstein's Last Wish

Huang Rong

PureInsight | December 17, 2007

[] In 1955, Albert Einstein (1879-1955) was hospitalized due to the bleeding from his artery. Since Einstein had published his theory of relativity, received the honor of the Nobel prize, and helped to develop the atom bomb, this physicist had been famous in the world while he was alive.

After he was sent to the hospital, Einstein realized that he did not have many days left in the human world. So he told his relatives and friends two things. Number one: please do not turn his living quarters into a commemorative museum for people to venerate. Number two: please give his office to other people to use.

Whether the scientific success or the reputation in society, he wish these things to disappear from the world when he passes away.

Till the last minute before his death, he did not forget to mention again and again not to hold a funeral for him, nor set up any monument. So Einstein's funeral was quite simple. According to his last wishes, his body was burned and where his remains were stored was never announced to the public.

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