Cultivation Diary: My Son's Hero


PureInsight | November 22, 2007

[] I never thought I had much influence on my child until this morning, when my husband told me that he accidentally found an article written by our son in the computer. My husband said that he was so touched after he read it. I asked him what was written in it. He told me that our son regards his mother as a hero in his heart. I was a little amazed since I regard myself as just an ordinary mother. I am busy all the time and seem to talk a lot. How could I be his hero? Being a typically arrogant teenager, he wouldn't think much of his parents, just like other children of his age.

When I read the article, emotion welled up my heart. From the article, I could feel that he had written it seriously. I was surprised that he had seen those trivial things in our daily lives and remembered them in his heart. I actually felt I hadn't done well enough. I am still far from meeting the requirements of Dafa and Master's expectation.

Children observe us with their kind hearts in our daily lives. Every word and deed will have an influence on our children. When parents do well and do thing righteously, they will have a good influence on children. The magnitude and range of their influence is long lasting. Parents always worry about the future of the younger generation. Now I think it is actually not bad. 

I consider myself as not having done well enough compared to hundreds of thousands of other Dafa cultivators. If I am a hero, I am just one of hundreds of thousands of Dafa practitioners. Our Master, Mr. Li Hongzhi, is the true great Teacher, who rears those hundreds of thousands of heroes. He uses Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to move the souls of his disciples and teaches them to be considerate of others and become true good people to society and family.

I am thankful for my son's encouragement. I will try hard to do better.

Here is what my son wrote:

A Hero in My Heart

There are many important people in my life, but perhaps the most important one is my mother. She has encouraged me, taught me, and inspired me. She is my personal hero.

There are many admirable qualities that make my mom my hero. One of these qualities is being very responsible. All of her things are neat and organized and she is nearly always on time. She never forgets an appointment with the doctor, and wakes up early to do work. She keeps track of when we need to go get groceries and other things. She often encourages me to mark important dates on a calendar and to make good use of my alarm clock.

She goes to bed late and wakes up early. She works very hard at her job. Whenever I think of her working so hard, I am inspired to work harder in school.

Another admirable quality that makes my mother my hero is her hunger to learn. She is always willing to learn new things. Her enthusiasm for learning inspires me to learn more and more new things. My mom is also very intelligent. Though she isn't fluent in speaking English, she still strives to learn more and more about the English language.

My mom also works well under pressure. When I lose something, I usually panic. My mother, on the other hand, remains calm and thinks logically to help me find what I'm looking for, whether it's my glasses or my backpack.

Probably the most important quality that my mom possesses is kindness. Whenever I, my sister, or my dad does something badly or wrong, my mom will forgive and forget. I'm glad that my mom is forgiving and understands that everyone makes mistakes. When I get a bad grade, she tells me not to worry, and that I'll do better the next time.

All of these qualities make my mom my personal hero. She has inspired me to do well academically and be a better person. She has dramatically changed my view of the world. She is kind, smart, and responsible. She is my mother and she is my hero.

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