A Few Thoughts on "Imposing our Opinions on Others"

A Practitioner in Taiwan

PureInsight | December 3, 2007

[PureInsight.org] The notion of
"imposing our opinions on others" is bad in itself. When we see
shortcomings in another, we can only share our understanding through
studying the Fa and help him recognize it. Only when he recognizes his
own deficiency, can he be willing to make changes. Therefore, we can
only share our own understanding from our level and cannot force that
on someone else. The understanding we obtain from our own level can
only be used to make requirements for ourselves but not others.

Our understanding from any level is good to guide ourselves, but it is
not the truth of the universe. From a high level, our understanding is
still not quite correct. How can we insist on imposing our own
understandings on others?

When we think that so-and-so has an ordinary person's notion and we
want to change him, even insist on doing it, then that is also an
ordinary person's notion.  From this stand point, we, too, are
ordinary people. For that particular reason, we are all ordinary people
and none of us can convince the other.

We can only do it sincerely for his own good and humbly state our own
understanding. In addition, we need to let go of our human notion of
getting results. If we put strict requirements on ourselves and
cultivate ourselves well, the conflicts will slowly be resolved. In
reality, when I find inadequacies in others, that is often a result of
my own inadequacies. The manifestation is directed towards a certain
attachment of mine. If we attach to his attachment, his attachment will
not disappear when we cannot let go of ours first.

I cannot impose my opinions on others, but what about when someone else
imposes theirs on me? How should I deal with it? First, if I think that
someone is imposing their ideas of what I should be doing on me, what
does it mean and why should I have that feeling? Isn't it true that I
think my viewpoint is correct and do not want to change? Doesn't it
mean that I insist on my own understanding?

Nothing that happens to cultivators is coincidental. Obviously, it
means that I need to let go of my attachment. Often I do the opposite:
he wants me to do this and I absolutely refuse to do so. Just like when
I'm doing a certain Dafa project and the coordinator does not want me
to do other projects, I refuse to think of his project.  Even
though I understand the rationale that his project needs me and other
projects will also be more effective, my irrational side cannot see

Because of my irrational side, others will say that to me just to get
rid of my human notion. Does the rational understanding meet the Fa
requirements? If a certain project is shorthanded, shouldn't I arrange
my time and lend a helping hand? Is insisting on doing other
results-producing projects correct? If I cannot think of others first,
cannot harmonize the whole body, cannot elevate my xinxing, can I
really do well what is at hand now? Therefore, when one think that
someone is imposing his will on oneself, one should look for inadequacy

Seriously, when one feels that someone is imposing his will on oneself,
it is also the time that one is imposing his will on the other person.

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