The Path to the Heart: My Understanding of Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts


PureInsight | March 9, 2008

[] During the
New Year's holiday, I made an arrangement with several fellow
practitioners to go to a city to send forth righteous thoughts. One of
the places we visited was a hospital.

It was a military hospital. According to our investigations from a
website, it might have been involved in the wicked conduct of removing
organs from Falun Dafa practitioners. The local Dafa practitioners had
visited the hospital many times. They had sent forth righteous thoughts
there and so the evil-doers were so panicked that they once removed the
photos of the doctors in the urology department from the announcement
board. Later, many Dafa practitioners felt they didn't have 100 percent
proof of their involvement in organ removal so they rarely went there
to send forth righteous thoughts any more.

When we arrived at the hospital, I felt a great pain in my chest that I
had never felt before. I seemed to feel that fellow practitioners had
suffered extreme grief here. I thought that this place was extremely
evil and we needed to ask Master to strengthen our righteous thoughts.
Then we walked around both upstairs and downstairs. Fellow
practitioners also had very bad feelings.

When we walked out of the hospital, I told fellow practitioners that,
in spite of not having indisputable evidence to prove their involvement
in organ removal, since it wasconducted under extreme secrecy, we still
needed to strengthen sending forth righteous thoughts there to
thoroughly disintegrate the evil.

Being limited to "seeing is believing" is an obstacle in cultivation.
Regardless, I felt we need to unremittingly send forth righteous
thoughts there.

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