Removing Prejudices and Cultivating Tolerance and Compassion

Li Xinming, a Practitioner from Jilin province in China

PureInsight | March 9, 2008

[] I used to
hate evil like an enemy. In my workplace, there were only a few people
with whom I got along. I tended to ignore those I disliked and held
myself aloof. After I began practicing Falun Gong, I saw that this
human characteristic interfered with what I should do and I had to
eliminate it.

This strong human notion made me narrow-minded and extreme. I was
unable to display tolerance and was never considerate of others. This
brought many troubles to my cultivation. In terms of saving sentient
beings, I didn't show enough mercy and should have been more
compassionate. In terms of truth-clarification work, I was unable to
cooperate with other practitioners and emphasized my ego. Sometimes, I
had disagreements with other practitioners and that built a barrier
between us. I was even biased against some practitioners. In fact, I
always looked outward instead of looking inside.

An incident that occurred later helped me face my deficiencies, let go of my prejudices and be kind to all people.

There was a local coordinator named as Jia. Because of some xinxing
problems, many practitioners were defensive around him and suggested to
him that he not participate in Fa-validation tasks but just study Fa. I
was also biased against him. I thought that he was in a poor state and
I was reluctant to come in contact with him.

Once, I was arrested but subsequently rescued out of detention. When I
came back, Jia came to visit me and asked about my laptop's login
password. He told me that he had asked other practitioners several
times before he got this laptop. As soon as I heard he had used the
laptop, I felt sullen. Therefore, it preyed on my mind. In my heart I
started to loathe him. Finally, I was unable to calm down while
studying the Fa. I knew I was wrong, yet I had the attachment and
looked down on him.

One day, my family members told me that when I was arrested, Jia
actively participated in the rescue. He specially visited my home and
communicated with my relatives. At the same time, he cooperated
perfectly with other local practitioners and made his every effort to
help rescue me. Also, it was my family member who suggested to him that
he go to my place. After hearing these things, I realized that I
wronged had Jia. I was used to looking for shortcomings in others and
didn't remove my prejudices. My behavior and thinking didn't assimilate
to the cosmic characteristics.

I realized that whenever I had prejudices about other practitioners,
whenever I was moved by attachments, I should look inside since it had
to be my own problem. If it was another person's problem, I should be
genuinely looking to benefit others when I pointed out his/her
shortcomings. Instead of holding onto prejudices about people and
gossiping, we need to keep the communication channels open and then we
could improve together from the Fa's perspective.

While saving us, our merciful and great Master never looks for our
shortcomings. Instead, he patiently teaches us, answers our questions,
kindly points out common problems, hopes we can do well, continually
encourages us and reinforce our righteous thoughts. We all can feel
Master's compassion which can harmonize everything. Master can tolerate

I also recognize that if we have personal prejudices against other
people, it shows that we have gotten trapped in the strong self. It is
one manifestation of old cosmic selfish characteristics.

The Fa-rectification is in the final stages. We should let go of all
our human notions and cultivate our own huge compassion, because this
is what the Fa requires.

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