The Crack in China's Wall

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | April 5, 2008


One-party politics

suppression of democracy

cultural genocide

violations against human rights.

State-controlled media

violent repression

imprisonment without trial

forced-labour camps.

A compulsory "one-child" policy

communist and atheist ideologies.

Party propaganda

a reign by fear

mass civil unrest

crimes against humanity.

Religious persecution

authoritarian dictatorship

illegal organ seizures

forced evictions.

Environmental vandalism

state-sanctioned terrorism.


prisoners of conscience

internet blockade

sponsor of other regimes.

Social injustice

incessant lies

Tiananmen Square massacre

forced "re-education".

Maoist doctrines and no rule of law

can you see through China's crack in the wall?

Party corruption

international espionage

blood-red flags unfurled

sweat shops and slave labour.

Public executions

perpetrator of torture

invader of Tibet

forced abortions.

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