Behind the Walls

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | May 4, 2008


Behind Your Walls

Behind your walls

walls bloodstained

hides a coldest silence

inhumanity, brutality

any justice all but feigned.

Behind your lies

lies and betrayal

seethes a ruthless heart

incarceration, intimidation

light to the darkest paled.

Behind your crimes

crimes callous

under your *'party' regime

slander, propaganda

ending in murderous schemes.

(*'party' - the Chinese Communist party)


Endless tears

upon many a pillow

crimes behind your walls

under repression

your people suffer

China, how do you sleep at all?

Endless cries

to break the silence

means to a 'party's' end

a reign by fear

one ruthless doctrine

China, how far can you descend?

Endless lies

to hide injustice

seeds to a bitter game

come the world awaken

to the light of truth

China, how lost without heart or shame.

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