Falling Walls

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | April 20, 2008


Wall of Lies

To take a heart

take a life

behind a wall of lies

and bitter strife.

To poison a mind

poison a people

China's blood-red flag

flown for State and steeple.

To hide the crimes

hide the shame

a reign by fear

and all others to blame.

To shadow the light

shadow the skies

silencing truth

behind a wall of lies.

When the Party Comes to Fall

Blinding eyes and conscience

shadows behind the wall

blinding heart and soul

when the "party" comes to call.

Making victims of the innocent

a land silenced in fear

making lies of the truth

China under a tide of tears.

Awakening eyes and conscience

freedom for one and all

awakening heart and soul

when the "party" comes to fall.

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