Some Thoughts After Watching "The Loyalty of Yue Fei" by the Divine Performing Art Group

By Lin Er

PureInsight | June 16, 2008

[] Loyalty and
dedication to one's country is the majestic belief that every patriot
has. The solemn and moving story of Yue Fei's loyalty to his country
has been inspiring the Chinese nation's sentiment of patriotism for
hundreds of years.

Yue Fei, a famous patriotic general in the South Song Dynasty, lived in
a poor family when he was young. He was very diligent in his studies
and learned excellent martial arts skills. So he was a talented person
who was both intellectual and acrobatic, a person with courage and
wisdom. In the 12th century, China was invaded by a tribe from the
North. Yue Fei faced a dilemma. On the one hand, he wanted to be loyal
and to protect his country. On the other hand, he wanted to follow
filial piety and take care of his elderly mother.  Yue Fei's
mother had a deep understanding of righteousness. To encourage her son,
she told him, "Since ancient times, it has always been difficult to be
both loyal to country and filial to parents." She persuaded him that as
a man he should give higher priority to protecting his homeland and not
worry too much about his mother. She took a needle from her hair and
shared in bearing the pain as she tattooed four Chinese characters
meaning "Loyalty to the country" on her son's back. After that, those
four characters became the mission and strategy that Yue Fei followed
to serve his country. Yue Fei lived up to "Loyalty," "Filial piety,"
"Moral integrity," and "Righteousness" with his life. He paved the
foundation of traditional culture in Chinese history and set a good
example for teaching the later generations. His heart of absolute
sincerity in serving his country has passed through many generations.
His loyal and righteous behavior won people's praise forever. The story
the "Biography of Yue Fei" is deeply and widely loved by Chinese
people. It was reported that when the "Biography of Yue Fei" story
telling program was broadcast at a radio station, the crime rate was
reduced to almost zero during that time. General Yue's loyal spirit and
his high moral principles can even penetrate the barrier of time. His
spirit moves and encourages the later generations to hold a patriotic
sentiment all the time.

In 1949, a blast of evil wind brought a Western phantom to the Chinese
homeland. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) became an official
government in China. It forcefully brainwashed Chinese people one
generation after another until they turned numb and indifferent. It
destroyed Chinese traditional culture without any constraints.
Comparing with any traditional culture, it is not difficult to see the
nature of the Chinese Communist Party. General Yue's troops had very
strict rules of conduct and were highly disciplined.  Soldiers
would rather endure hunger then disturb people. They borrowed the
stores on the street to sleep in at night and in the early morning,
they would clean the rooms and wash the dishes before they left. Thus
they had a good reputation of "Not destroying any house even if it
meant freezing to death, and not robbing food even if it meant dying of
hunger."  However, in today's society controlled by the CCP, the
city managers rob poor people's food supplies and vegetables in the
light of day. They use the profits forcefully obtained from everyday
citizens to satisfy their own desires like eating, drinking, visiting
prostitutes, gambling and using drugs. As a result, everyday people's
lives have suffered terribly. Yue Fei and other ancient people taught
us that to be a man, one has to be "loyal, filial and righteous." The
evil Party advocated the "Cultural Revolution," "Against the Right,"
and the "Against Three Movement, Against Five Movement." These
movements turned Chinese children into enemies of their parents and
painted a clear separation between parents and children. In today's
society, people are considered as close enemies. The following phrases
have become popular slogans among people: "Do not care about anything
that has nothing to do with me," "If one is not for self, then the
heaven and earth will kill that person." Today, the values of community
slide down everyday and everyone pursues self-interest and profit.
Besides these, the CCP crack's down on anyone who is perceived as being
against it. On June 4th, 1989 in Tiananmen Square, it massacred college
students. The army used tanks and guns and killed so many innocent
students that the blood ran like a stream in Tiananmen Square. On July
20, 1999, it started to persecute Falun Gong only because they believe
"Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance." The CCP harvested organs
from living Falun Gong practitioners to make huge profits in the organ
transplant business. It tore down people's homes without their consent
and shot Tibetans because of their peaceful protests. All these evil
deeds are shocking and scary. The evil party also spread lies all over
the place. The fear it created spread quickly through the people's
hearts like a contagion until they became numb and indifferent to the
value human life. Gradually, the wonderful national cultural spirit has
faded and been forgotten in people's hearts.

In today's world, as the moral standard has gone down rapidly, the
global 2008 Chinese New Year Spectacular from New Tang Dynasty
Television and the Divine Performing Arts group awakened the deep
memory that people have of those good virtues like truthfulness,
kindness, forbearance and simplemindedness. Among those programs in the
performance, "The Loyalty of Yue Fei" presented the historic story of
Yue Fei's mother tattooing the four characters on his back. When the
curtain opens, Yue Fei and his family soldiers are practicing martial
arts to the melody of "Man Jiang Hong," portraying the magnificent
coordination and energy of Yue's family troops. All the performers
playing Yue's family soldiers displayed powerful martial art skills by
being smooth, quick, and capable. The grand and heroic manner of the
performance validated the saying "shaking the mountain is easier than
beating Yue's family army." In the show, the dancer expressed the
heart-burning pain of Yue Fei's mother so vividly when she tattooed the
characters on her son's back. Her expression was so touching when she
felt it very hard to let her son go. The audience was moved by the
sadness of the farewell. The strong heart of Yue Fei's mother passed to
everyone's heart like a wave of electricity and people were touched,
with tears pouring down like rain. Yue Fei bit down on a white
handkerchief and knelt down on one knee. His devotion to serve the
country and not be afraid of hardship exerted profound effect. All the
soldiers saw this and vowed to fight hard to protect their country.
When I again heard the same piece of music that played during the
tattoo scene, I couldn't control my emotion and tears rolled down my
face. It truly called back lofty aspirations from the bottom of my
heart. I can recall vividly how Yue Fei wore the Jin Jia (golden armor)
and held the long-staffed spear and fought with the invaders. Under his
command, the Yue family troops eliminated enemies completely wherever
they went. I still remember the words that General Yue composed in his
famous poem "Man Jiang Hong:" "Wait to start from the beginning,
reconstruct the old land and build the emperor's palace."

People who saw the performance had lots of thoughts and laments, such as:  

"Yue Fei's loyalty to his country represents God's will."

"It recaptured General Yue's figure in my mind vividly."

The Divine Performing Arts' "The Loyalty of Yue Fei" truly displays the
hero's spirit once again. Yue Fei, you truly came back! You will again
lead thousands of soldiers riding horses marching into a bright future!

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