Cultivation Diary: Why Take This Persecution so Seriously?

By Jingang Xiao

PureInsight | August 18, 2008

[] Recently, I
ran into some matters regarding my personal safety. For example, a
certain disciple reminded me about paying attention to my safety, and
another practitioner heard some "news" and suggested that I leave
immediately. When I heard these things, my first reaction was to think
about how I should treat the issue of my safety. It is no problem if I
think about safety from the perspective of saving sentient beings.
However, if I only care about preventing myself from being persecuted,
I need to think about where this selfish thought comes from. Isn't it
acknowledging the persecution and doesn't it affect my work for Dafa if
I move somewhere else only out of concern for my safety?

In reality, I never take this persecution seriously any more like
before. Because I want to stretch out my hands to those sentient being
who are waiting to be saved, I can pass over all obstacles. It seems I
have the ability of X-ray vision, and I can cross over the obstacle and
find every sentient being who is in danger of being eliminated. What
about those beings? What about their futures? Suddenly, the old forces
and the persecution collapse like an unsubstantial hollow wall.

I have been thinking about writing what I saw regarding the weeding out
of sentient beings, and I hope this will help remind me to get rid of
laziness at every moment.

The scene I saw is very terrible. Those sentient beings who are going
to be weeded out are of no value to the old forces any more, and they
have been confined together with the old forces in one dimension. Then,
suddenly, as if a great eraser fell upon them, these beings were wiped
out at a terrible fast speed. First is the elimination of their skin
and the blood from their vessels, then their bone and breathing. All is
destroyed by this powerful eraser without a tiny trace. This is only
the extent that I can describe with human language. It is impossible to
tell their actual suffering.

When I saw this, I would be filled with compassion and cried.
Sometimes, I thought about how we will definitely reach consummation
and return to our own paradises, and at that time, when we clearly see
the whole reality, if we did not fulfill our vow to save sentient
beings, wouldn't we regret? Wouldn't we regret in the future if today
we hold onto big human attachments and take this persecution so

But I still think that is all human thinking. What I know is the vow of saving the sentient beings must be fulfilled.

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