Cultivation Diary: Heart Path—Everything in This World Revolves Around Dafa

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | August 26, 2008

Today, I read an article about the Olympics in ZhengJian Weekly. I, too, would like to share my understanding about it.

Everything in this human world revolves around Dafa and is definitely not a coincidence, including the Olympics. We Dafa disciples do not put our hopes of ending the persecution on some person, some organization, or some activities in everyday society because we are Dafa disciples and we are here to save sentient beings!

On the contrary, the evil party has spent a lot of money and offered various kinds of incentives to deceive the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in order to obtain the privilege of hosting the Olympics. Many things happened so that there would be opportunities for sentient beings to position themselves.

When the IOC offered the evil party the opportunity to be the host country of the 2008 Olympics, they were giving it a very honorable and God-given chance to express peace, freedom, and equality. That, too, is gods’ arrangement: an opportunity for the evil party to position itself. The IOC was also given an opportunity to monitor the evil party to improve its human rights, promote freedom and peace, and stop the persecution of Dafa and Dafa disciples.

Unfortunately, the evil party is nothing but a typical rogue party. On the day it was granted the right to host the Olympics, it said that the persecution of Falun Gong was the right thing to do. For years, the evil party not only totally violated the spirit of the Olympics, but also acted more brutally than even the Nazis, which is unimaginable to most people. Many countries, due to the evil party’s coercion and intimidation, have turned into accomplices, either directly or indirectly. They have totally forgotten their God-given mission and responsibility to monitor the evil party to improve its human rights and stop the persecution of Falun Gong. Of course, many other countries chose justice, for they have seen through the evil party.

Right now in China, all kinds of conflicts have reached a climactic point. Because the evil party is persecuting its best citizens, the lies, evil deeds, and corruption are at the same time spreading even further. Its true rogue nature also harms more people, frequently in the name of “the Olympic Games.” When facing such persecution, how do Chinese people view it? This, perhaps, is also an opportunity for Chinese people to position themselves. When Dafa disciples clarified the truth to their neighbors, friends, or strangers, many of those people failed to listen and felt what Dafa disciples said had nothing to do with them and thought that the Communist Party was not as bad as they said. Now, when the evil party is persecuting you, do you still hold the same view? We also read from websites that many people tried more than one way to totally get rid of their illusion of the evil party. Isn’t that also a way to position themselves?

Being Dafa disciples who came to this world to validate Dafa, we did not want the persecution to happen and we negate it. However, it indeed has happened. We should take advantage of it! When being confronted by such universally evil deeds, our belief in the Fa and Master is as firm as rock, and we have fulfilled our promises to safeguard the universe and sentient beings. In the midst of all the tribulations, we walk on our cultivation path without missing steps. When the evil party tries its hardest to do evil, isn’t that the best opportunity for us to clean it up with our righteous thoughts? Isn’t that the best time to let go of all our human notions? An opportunity like this is very hard to come by.

How to enlighten to it properly, make use of this rare opportunity to save more sentient beings, and complete our historical missions is what we should think about seriously. Let’s cherish this opportunity and do what we should! Never let our Master’s compassionate salvation down!

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