A Righteous Outcome

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | September 4, 2008

[PureInsight.org] Tony worried sick when he learned that his mother was jailed again in China for her belief in Dafa. He even resigned from his job to mount a campaign to save his mother. Although he does not practice Dafa, he does maintain a link with some local Dafa practitioners who immediately mobilized the whole body to help. To cut the story short, as an ordinary person from ordinary society, Tony was worried that some practitioners were not keen to get involved because he himself does not practice Dafa, or that they would expect him to behave like a veteran practitioner. He was also worried that practitioners’ “conventional” rescue methods, such as openly calling the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) the “evil party,” giving speeches to expose the CCP’s crimes, etc. were the kinds of forms which might put his mother in danger, or at least cause the officers involved to reject his plight to save his mother. He saw the advantage offered by a different or even “formless” (as mentioned by Master) approach. As such, he was preoccupied with the idea of winning a friend inside who would listen to what he had to say. Incidentally, he failed to see why practitioners could not interpret his approach as a chance to save another sentient being even if that person is on the side that persecutes Dafa.

He had witnessed how Dafa got rid of all his mother’s chronic illnesses as well as his mother’s virtuous behavior after learning Dafa. With this in mind, as well as his understanding mentioned above, Tony drafted a letter based on the premise that “a good person should not be jailed for doing good deeds, and laws should be designed to punish bad people.” Although he addressed it to his mother, he realized that an officer would read it first before passing onto his mother. So, in this way, it was intended to save the officer concerned. His intention was to touch the heart of the officer in charge, to appeal to his Buddha nature, and to tell him something righteous.

Alas, a miracle happened. His mother was relocated to a better environment not long after he sent the letter. After her release from prison, his mother confirmed that the letter he sent had brought tears to everyone who read it. Several days after being relocated, she was released on bail. That is to say, she was released before the rescue process (involving petitions, meeting MPs, contacting the ambassador to China, contacting human rights organizations, etc.) fully began in ordinary society. But obviously, the process had started based on the formation of his initial righteous thoughts in another dimension. 

I was fortunate to talk with his mother over the Internet. She asked Dafa practitioners to continue to send forth righteous thoughts for those still in jail. She seemed to think that international pressure would have a bearing on her early release.

From the above miracle, I would like to share with fellow practitioners the following understandings: (A) The Great Fa is formless, so why follow any fixed human ways, and instead, why do we not simply follow the Fa? (B) As disciples, we have the duty to save all beings regardless of their jobs or location. (C) We are to save sentient beings and should be careful not to the push them to the opposite side whilst we are trying to save them. (D) Being one body, do we have the right to choose whom to save or whom not to save? For example, if Tony was already a practitioner, then would that mean that we now have one less person to save? Then why should we consider it a lower priority because he does not practice Dafa even when his mother does? (E) Tony did not save his mother so as to accumulate de (virtue) intentionally. (F) It is the “process” that counts (as taught by Master), i.e. his mother was released before the rescue procedure in the ordinary society even began.

This is my limited understanding. Please kindly point out where I erred.

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