Reflections in Cultivation: Getting Rid of the Attachment to My “Hometown”

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | November 17, 2008

[] I left my hometown two years ago. In the past two years I have gone through a lot of tests and had many experiences. But the attachment to my hometown sometimes bothered me, and in turn, fostered many other attachments.

After I left my hometown, I had several jobs where I met some other folks who were from the same hometown. At the beginning, we felt cordial. Later on, due to some conflicts at work, we were like strangers.

Many times when I looked at the stars, I recalled my childhood, the little forest in my hometown, our little house, my cousin, as well as the time when fellow Dafa practitioners and I spread the Fa there together. Especially when I was undergoing tribulations, I couldn’t help crying when thinking of this.

Now I realize that this was a big attachment of emotion!

After a person is born, everything – including who he will meet or where he will live – has been pre-arranged. So why was I so attached to the past? Everything I am attached to is rooted in the past.

As a Dafa practitioner, in order to return to our original home, we must get rid of all kinds of human attachments. We must not find any excuse for any attachment, or else we are not being responsible to ourselves, let alone being responsible to our sentient beings. It is sufficient to treasure the relationships between fellow practitioners with righteous thoughts. Don’t add any human notions or emotions to it. Cooperating with each other well and walking the path of validating the Fa well is what’s fundamental.

This is just my personal opinion and for your reference only. Please kindly point out if my understanding is not in line with the Fa.

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