Cultivation Stories: Removing Attachments and Cooperating As One Body

A Falun Dafa practitioner in Taiwan

PureInsight | November 24, 2008


Removing Attachments

There is a fish farm near my home. For this reason, fish, especially milkfish, has been a regular part of my diet since childhood. Without knowing it, I had developed a strong attachment to milkfish.

One evening, I happened to see a milkfish in the refrigerator. My craving emerged spontaneously, and I asked my wife to cook it for me right away. A moment later, the fish was ready, braised in brown sauce, and I couldn’t wait to enjoy it. However, as soon as I put a piece of fish in my mouth, I had to spit it out immediately. How come the fresh fish tasted so disgusting like worms? My wife saw my reaction and tried a piece herself. When I asked her if it tasted like worms, she tried another piece and smiled, “You still don’t understand?” Normally, when she and I had different understandings about Fa principles, I always tended to insist on my own understanding. But this time, I was speechless.

The answer was so clear to me: It’s time to get rid of my attachment to milkfish!

Cooperating With the One Body

I am a manager at work, and therefore, sometimes my bossiness also shows when interacting with fellow practitioners. For the past several years, I have been actively participating in Dafa work but have done poorly in cooperating with others.

Two weeks ago, I attended a meeting about a Dafa project. After I expressed my personal opinion, two practitioners expressed different opinions from mine. This time, I did not insist on my own idea. Instead, I said sincerely that I would respect the final decision and would try my best to support it. The next day, I started having diarrhea. After practicing cultivation for so many years, I knew it was Master cleansing my body. Immediately, I had a thought, “I will be happy if this lasts longer!” I had been constipated for a few days prior to this due to pressure at work. The diarrhea lasted for six days, during which time I ate and worked normally.

I came to understand that as a Dafa practitioner, willingly cooperating with the one body is probably an indication of improvement too!

Being Respectful While Studying the Fa

In my humble opinion, regardless of if it is individual or group Fa-study, besides sitting upright, one should read in an unhurried, solemn and compassionate manner, instead of going fast as if riding a horse.

There are countless Buddhas, Daos and Gods, as well as Teacher’s Law Bodies, behind every word of Master’s books. If we use a practitioner’s reading speed to evaluate their Fa-study, then wouldn’t a deep bow show more respect to the Buddhas, Daos and Gods than just a quick nod? In my understanding, only unhurried, solemn and compassionate reading of the Fa is able to shake the sentient beings in all dimensions.

October 1, 2008

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