Thoughts After Reading the Reincarnation Story

Thailand Dafa Disciple, Tong Xin

PureInsight | January 12, 2009

[] In “Reincarnation Story: My Previous Life,” the author was attached to affection for her family. In order to awaken her about predestined relationships, her aunt told her the story of her previous lifetime. She had been very smart and capable at that time. However, in this lifetime, she is somewhat stupid and weak. In her previous life, she had been very smart, but with her intelligence, she had created a lot of karma. Therefore, in this life, her son gambles and her daughter-in-law steals money from her. Her children do not respect her at all. Because she had so much karma, she often went hungry. The son who did not show filial obedience toward her in her previous life has now become the grandfather who she does not want to talk to. The grandson who she loved dearly in her previous life became her father who loves her so much.

The predestined relationships in the cycles of reincarnation show us that everything that manifests in this world has a cause or reason. The good or bad relationships, the conflicts at work, who is right or wrong, as well as all kinds of other interferences, all have reasons behind them. Everyone tries to avoid conflicts and disturbances and wishes for a peaceful and smooth life. But from the cultivation perspective, we all know that this is impossible. Everyday people enjoy the pleasure of affection for family, the satisfaction of obtaining money and material goods, as well as fame and profit. As a true practitioner, we should be very clear about predestined relationships in the human world. A long time ago, we made a vow to our Master. We faced the danger of death but still came down to the human world to assist our Master to rectify the Fa. At the final stage, no one wants to return with regrets. We should not be moved by human factors. We should get rid of our dirty baggage. We should understand our roles and do the three things well. This period of time will not last long. But it will create true Dafa practitioners who believe in Dafa and believe in our Master, who are firm and diligent in their cultivation. Mistakes, troubles, conflicts, and interferences are nothing. The important thing is to grasp every opportunity to improve ourselves, turn bad things into good things, and help other Dafa practitioners so we can save sentient beings in the most effective way possible. Everything in the human world is illusory and will disappear very quickly. Why should we be moved by illusions?

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