Cultivation Insight: Let Go of a Big Ego

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | February 8, 2009

[] Today I received a letter from my older brother. He pointed out one of my shortcomings—a big ego. When thinking about this carefully, I realized that I did have a strong attachment to this.

With many things, I am able to think about others first, considering things selflessly. However, when it comes to my own issues, I do not want other people to get involved. On the surface, it appears as if I do not want to bother others or rely on others. But I ignored one thing: isn’t the interference happening to me also interfering with the entire body of practitioners? Since I care about other people’s issues, why not let others intervene in mine?

In effect, this is an attachment of vanity that stems from low self-esteem. Deep down inside, I considered others not as capable as I. In this way, my cultivation process was lengthened, causing interference to others and myself.

No matter how different practitioners’ opinions are, we are one body, hand-in-hand. This is a mutual relationship. Only then can we fundamentally completely break through the evil’s arrangements, since the evil wants us to be scattered and isolated.

When realizing this, I felt a warm flow going from my head, through my body, all the way to my feet.

This attachment did harm me a lot. Now it is time to let it go completely. I need to get rid of all my attachments while walking my path well.

Here, I would like to apologize to all those who wanted to help me but who I turned down. My big ego prevented us from more completely forming one body.

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