Lotus Flowers Shining in My Eyes

Yang Xinyu

PureInsight | March 30, 2009

[PureInsight.org] Every morning, I practice the exercises outside the apartments as the sun rises. The beautiful music gradually awakens people. They step out with a smile: Falun Gong music is so wonderful and it wakes me up gently.

Many people look out through their window, and some even carefully mimic my movements. Since moving to this city, I periodically distribute truth clarification materials—Minghui Weekly—to local residents. People have gradually begun to change, and I am very impressed by this. Minghui.net is very effective. It not only connects the righteous thoughts of practitioners from around the world, but also awakens people’s wishes that had been buried for a very long time.

Every morning, I continue practicing the exercises there, but sometimes I have experienced some interfering thoughts: “Maybe, I can skip this set of exercises today,” “I don’t want to do the sitting meditation today,” or “every day I am the only female left standing here, so why don’t I just go home?” Then, I thought, “I am a Dafa practitioner. How can I have these thoughts of not being willing to do the exercises? I need to eliminate these thoughts.” Thus, I continued, even in the freezing conditions of winter. At the beginning, I felt chilly. Then, I thought, “the feeling of being cold is also sentimentality and I cannot be manipulated by it.” Gradually, I overcame this and no longer felt the cold. When reading Zhuan Falun, I found that Teacher said, “…since the matter contained in this field is extremely rich. Almost all the matter that constitutes every space of our universe can be found in this gong.” I did not realize in the past that the Fa is so powerful. In this way, these human notions and other bad thoughts were eliminated.

Prior to cultivation, I had to wear glasses. After practicing, my eyesight has improved and my eyes have become brighter. Whenever going out to distribute Dafa materials or participate in Dafa activities, I had the thought to not allow any degenerated images to enter my head, and it worked.

One day, I was feeling nervous before a court hearing. Then, beginning to think of myself as a Dafa practitioner with a mission, I said to myself, “The court in our everyday society cannot interfere with Dafa practitioners’ efforts to save sentient beings. The judge and attorneys present are here to listen to the truth. Teacher will decide everything.” The court hearing went very smoothly. The three judges and all of the people present in the court room listened attentively. Hearing the solid facts of the persecution against Dafa practitioners and the statements from practitioners, they became more and more serious. They were shocked that the human conscience was being undermined by the CCP, and that such a brutal persecution is taking place. They were also touched that human rights organizations throughout the world were paying close attention to this and made efforts to rescue Dafa practitioners. The head judge announced the verdict fully in support of Dafa practitioners without condition. One practitioner with their celestial eye open said, “When the verdict was announced, gods were looking down at this and clapped their hands at the outcome. It was a very touching scene.”

When encountering some urgent matters, I often had ideas on how to handle situations and thought about backup plans in case they didn‘t work out. Later, I realized that my lack of confidence was because I didn’t have a strong enough faith in Teacher and Fa rectification. If I am clear on the Fa and following the requirements of Fa, I don’t need to think “what if this” or “what if that.” Instead, I just need to save sentient beings openly and above board.

After arriving from overseas, I have seen practitioners busy everyday clarifying the truth within Western society, especially to government officials and media representatives. I asked a Western practitioner where the President’s office was. He agreed to go there with me and I brought my document of residence that would soon be expired. We visited the office half an hour before closing. The secretary spoke with us and asked the purpose of our visit. I handed him a letter describing the persecution against Dafa practitioners in China, especially those who have been imprisoned. I noticed that when the secretary was reading the letter, he showed concern about the situation. He made a number of phone calls to seek help for me, while the Western practitioner and I were sitting there sending forth righteous thoughts.

Finally, the secretary placed my letter in an envelope, together with some truth-clarification materials, and assigned us a number. He said that the President would review all documents assigned with numbers. He also kindly extended my document of residence. After one week, the President’s office called to make an appointment for me to meet with a government officer. In this way, I began clarifying the truth about the persecution to the government officials. I had one thought: To let all sentient beings hear the truth so that they can be saved. I started to write letters to various government agencies requesting them to pay attention to the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China, including the Civil Affairs Ministry, the Premier’s Office, and Ministry of Justice. I also met with them in person to discuss this issue. Some officers even telephoned me themselves.

One day, I thought: “why don’t these officers exhibit the usual bureaucracy?” Although it was the first time we met, when I told them about Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted in China, they sat together with me and actively discussed the potential solutions just as if we were friends. I hadn’t experienced this in the past and wondered why they had acted in this way. Later I thought, “how can a Dafa practitioner hold similar thoughts as everyday people,” and “how I react on this issue is what influences their future. Later when walking along the street and observing people lost in the maze, I thought: “I need to work harder!”

Interference has also occurred, and one time a spy followed me. With Teacher's compassionate help, I was able to get away from the spy.

Once, when translating an article about fellow practitioners being persecuted to death, I felt very bad when thinking about how they had died in this manner. One practitioner observed this and told me directly, “It is not righteous to think this way. When you are translating the articles, they all come here to observe. How can you think about this using everyday human notions?” I was very touched; for a being who validates the Fa by sacrificing their life for Dafa, how can I consider that the same as the death of an everyday person? By then I had realized that I wasn’t very clear in my cultivation on this issue.

One day, I suddenly had a feeling as if my head had popped open. I felt as if I had seen these practitioners who had died as a result of the persecution. When translating their stories, I deeply felt that these practitioners had done so much to save sentient beings. Later, when reading articles on the Minghui website, I felt that each article and the stories of each practitioner were like the appearance of various cosmic bodies—sacred and solemn. I realized how great Teacher was and that such a large number of practitioners have been forged by the Fa. In the past, I heard people describing Falun Dafa as a cultivation way with high virtue. Only after cultivating did I understand why.

In difficult times, I keep reciting Teacher's words in Hong Yin: “Cherish Zhen Shan Ren, keep the Way in heart.” When I am able to truly follow the requirements of the Fa, those difficult feelings disappear immediately.

There is an ancient saying: "The eyes are the window to the soul." One day, when looking in the mirror, I actually saw two tiny lotus flowers shining in my eyes.

Observing the busy streets, I keep reminding myself: “I need to tell people to remember that ‘Falun Dafa is good,’ ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,’ and not to miss this unprecedented opportunity.”


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