The Colorful Sun

Song Chenguang

PureInsight | April 27, 2009

[] It is said that in the time before the camera was invented, there was a scientist who studied the sun. This scientist found that when one was observing the sun carefully with the naked eye, a shadow was formed inside the eye and it lasted for a while. This helped lay a foundation for the invention of the camera. However, the eyes of this scientist were burned by the sun, and he went blind. It was a big sacrifice.

One day in a park, I met two medical scientists who had begun practicing Falun Gong a short while before. They did not quite understand how cultivation could change a person on the microscopic level. So I asked them, “Could you tell me the color of the sun?” They looked at me with confusion. Then I looked at the sun, and while kept looking at it, I said, “As you can see, the color of the sun is changing from green, purple, to yellow. Plus, it is rotating.”

They looked at me in surprise. From that, I knew they were worried that my eyes would be burned by the sun. I smiled but said nothing. One of them seemed to understand something. Without hesitation, he began to look at the sun. After a while, he said excitedly, “Yes, the color of the sun is changing, and it is rotating.” Seeing his excitement, I said, “As you know, naked eyes cannot observe the sun; they would be burned and this would lead to blindness. But you are still all right after observing it for a long time. This is because, after starting to practice, your retina have changed on the microscopic level. In fact, this is something that you can realize. But there are many more changes that we may not be aware of.”

On that day, through our discussions, they both understood the supernatural power of Dafa. I also deeply realized that cultivation has fundamentally changed every practitioner.

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