Yuanfen (Pre-destiny) with Dafa

PureInsight | May 13, 2009

Experience sharing at the 2008 Nordic Fa Conference

[PureInsight.org] My name is Poul. I used to be a mechanical engineer by trade and am retired from the Danish Civil Aviation Administration. I was born the 2nd of May 1928 in the city of Aalborg, an industrial city. My father ran a market garden business and my mother started there as a bookkeeper. They were always busy people.

When I was five, a fifteen-year-old cousin shared with me some of his newly acquired knowledge of astronomy. We were standing in the courtyard on a starlit November night. At that time, 75 years ago, there was no air pollution. The stars radiated with a brilliance far superior to that found in any jeweler’s shop. My cousin showed me the stars Sirius, Aldebaran, and the constella¬tion Big Dipper, by means of which one can find the North Star. His information, that the nearest star was four light years away, left me with a chilling sensation. The stars were so beautiful and so impossible to reach. That same night I had a dream. I was flying around with the stars. They smiled at me. I was delighted. All of a sudden, when I became overjoyed, I fell down, down, down. I was horrified and scared out of my wits. I screamed heart-wrenchingly: “I fell, I fell, I fell.” I landed with a bump on my bed. I felt disappointed. I felt let down. My mother woke up, irritated, because she had had a hard day and needed sleep. She said: “You go to sleep!”

Already as a boy I had embarked on a life long journey in search of the truth. But it was not easy to find the truth without the guidance of the Fa.

When I was a boy, the neighbors, and my schoolmates all had working-class backgrounds. Therefore, I came to believe in Marxism. I ultimately realized that communism does not work. The higher powers will not allow a “Paradise on Earth” to exist. In the year 1992, members of the Danish Youth Communist League went to a school in Moscow to be taught about how to rule a country. One of the lecturers, a professor on economics spoke to them: “Dear young friends. We are bankrupt!” Upon arriving home, they dissolved the Danish Youth Communist League right away. Some of them went into private business.

Some health problems were traced to amalgam fillings in my teeth. Amalgam contains 50% of the highly toxic heavy metal mercury. I had my amalgam fillings removed and replaced with a non-toxic plastic composite. According to medical science, it is okay to place mercury-containing amalgam in people’s mouths. I told everybody that bothered to listen to me that medical science was corrupt, that they should not believe in medical science, and everybody should learn to take responsibility for his or her own health.

After the amalgam removal, there was still the question of body detoxification, because my body was already contaminated with toxic mercury. I tried my luck at a qigong practice. This practice had a discipline called “Natural Gong,” whereby the practitioners were encouraged to let their bodies make movements under control of their Fu Yuanshen. This looked very weird, but people seemed to be very satisfied with themselves. They seemed to like this kind of showing themselves off. My Zhu Yuanshen refused to go away and said: “This practice is not righteous. You better get out. Now!”

Finally in late 1997, I found the Fa, which ended my journey of searching for the truth.

My Chinese language teacher told the class that a new qigong practice had arrived in Denmark, and that we may go to Kongens Have [The Kings Garden] in Copenhagen to have a try. This practice was Falun Gong. On Easter 1998, a video of Master Li´s lectures was played for 12 participants. From this seminar, I am the only person remaining that practices Falun Gong. After the exercise instruction, there was group reading of the book Zhuan Falun. I found this unsatisfactory, so I wanted to buy the book and read it myself. An inquiry was sent through the Internet on November 17, 1998, and I got the reply that I was welcome to ask the contact person in Denmark. However, instead the contact person sold me the book China Falun Gong [original version]. So, when I was shown an invitation to visit Falun Gong practitioners in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China, I did not think this invitation was meant for me, and I did not go. This was the last chance to go to China before the persecution. I am very sorry that I missed the chance.

When the contact person finally sold me Zhuan Falun, the book was read in one go and readily absorbed. The book was what I had been looking for. Thank you, benevolent Master!

On May 2, 2007, my 79th birthday, I had a bicycle accident. A car drove into my right-of - way in violation of traffic regulations. I braked hard, but hit the car. My bicycle overturned. I fell down, was knocked unconscious, and then brought to Gentofte Hospital emergency room. However, I instantly recovered and demanded to be discharged, but had to wait until the next day. I was able to leave all by myself. Thanks to Master Li who safe-guarded my life. Master indeed takes care of all true practitioners.

I recently celebrated my 80th birthday on May 2, 2008. I have nothing much left in my life, except this: to do well the three things that Master told us to do.

Going to the Chinese Embassy

After Easter 2002, Falun Dafa dizi, including myself, started to go to the Chinese Embassy to appeal for justice for Falun Gong and for Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts [Fa Zheng Nian].

On July 2002, Gentofte police moved us 20 meters away from our normal position opposite the main entrance of the Chinese embassy because embassy officials told lies about us. We appealed to the Ministry of Justice, and after one year, in July 2003, we got permission to move back to our old place.

The embassy street [Oregaards Allé] has at least 4 types of traffic passing by:

1. People Applying for a Visa or a Passport
People applying for a visa are usually business people. They oftentimes think that by sitting there we are interfering with their business and have, apart from a very few, not very much understanding of the persecution. They pass by pretending not to see us, against their conscience.

2. Local People, Residents of Gentofte Community
Gentofte community is the richest community in Denmark, but Gentofte people are very kind-hearted. The ambassador wanted to socialize with the local people, so he invited them to a party at his private residence. But the people soon figured out the evil nature of the regime. I spoke with a lady, a neighbor of the embassy. After the Tiananmen Square Massacre her husband decided they should not go there anymore.

A female Dafa disciple needed a new passport, but got a message from the consulate that she would be kept waiting because there were problems. In spite of four calls, she did not get her passport. They would not admit it was because she was a Dafa dizi. I helped her to publish a reader’s letter in the local weekly newspaper “Villabyerne,” thereby exposing the injustice of the consulate. The consulate feared the reactions from the kind-hearted Gentofte people, and the female Dafa disciple soon got the passport that she deserved.

3. School Children on Their Way to a Sports Ground at the Nearby Park Oregaardsparken
School children and their teachers passing by willingly accept our materials. Schoolgirls especially like Falun Dafa music. They oftentimes say “Falun Dafa,” because this is the text of our banner in Romanized letters. I think the next banner should have the text “Falun Dafa Hao” in Romanized letters, because this has a better ring. There is more music by saying so. So, school children should learn to say “Falun Dafa Hao.” Danish people have a strong sense of justice. If they can irritate the evil they will grab the chance.

A lady passes by everyday with her little dog and always says hello to me. Her daughter was one of the school children accepting Dafa material. She wrote an essay on Falun Gong and got high praise from her teacher. Because she validated Dafa, she gets good fortune. She has successfully begun her education as a ship’s officer, and now at the age of 22, she has begun her first voyage as an officer’s apprentice. The ship is bound for China.

This same lady has anxiously observed the police approaching us several times lately. I explained there has recently been a police reform, so that small police districts are merged into larger police districts. Gentofte police have been merged into North Zealand police. Gentofte police knew us very well as well-behaved people, but North Zealand police do not know us. So they have come many times asking for identification. The kind lady said: “Don’t forget to hand them flyers!” Yes, I will. This is a chance to clarify the truth to more police.

4. Kindergarten Children on Their Way to the Nearby Park Oregaardsparken
Small children often pass by. We wave, and they wave in return. They like the benevolent field surrounding our demonstration. One day, a boy sat down nearby and peacefully stared at us. He was reluctant to leave when his mother told him to come along.

I have come to the conclusion that my bicycle accident on my 79th birthday on May 2nd, 2007 was arranged by the evil forces, who wanted to stop the protests at the Chinese embassy. I feel very comfortable about this conclusion; because where there is righteousness there is also bound to be evil. Therefore, these protests must go on until the evil regime collapses.


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