Believing in Master and in the Fa

Zhang Yin

PureInsight | May 25, 2009

[] After practicing Falun Gong for over 14 years, I have gradually come to understand the importance of believing in Master and in the Fa. This is not only embodied in the handling of pleasant things, but is also reflected in confronting difficult situations, which are a real test of our faith in Master and the Fa. If you firmly believe in Master and in the Fa and improve your xinxing, the trouble and karma that manifests for your xinxing improvement will change quickly.

For example, I have experienced lower backache (lumbago) four times in the past 10 years. Between 1999 and 2001, I had back pain three times and each time it lasted for two to three weeks. Because I had many human attachments and analyzed my symptoms with medical knowledge, I didn’t improve my xinxing quickly. As a result, the difficult situation and my karma lasted quite a long time before it was eliminated. I knew in my heart that Dafa is good, but I did not have one hundred percent faith in Master and the Fa. The karma remained until I elevated my xinxing level. In addition, it returned three times.

On April 14, 2009, my backache came back again due to my work (that was the superficial reason). When I returned home after work that day, my left foot was so painful that I couldn’t bear to let it touch the ground. It was very difficult to walk. I thought about the need to believe in Master and in the Fa one hundred percent. I then meditated in the lotus sitting position for one hour. After that, I could walk on my left foot, and my leg pain had also been considerably reduced during the sitting meditation. The next morning, I listened to Master’s Fa lectures. After I practiced the exercises in the afternoon, my back pain stopped. I rested at home for only one day before returning to work.

I also understand more of the Fa principle of “Let joy be found in hardship” through this experience.

First published in Chinese on May 11, 2009

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