Yu Zi

PureInsight | May 25, 2009

[] After lunch, I went to the park and noticed many tender shoots along the road. Those tender shoots really caught my attention. People always say that “the red flowers along with green leaves” are really beautiful, but during the last days of winter, the light green color of the tender shoots really captures people’s attention.

I was sincerely amazed by their indomitable and energetic life. It seems that the word “indomitable” is not very accurate, but I can’t find a better word to describe it. They allow anyone passing by to step on them without any escaping. They are so tender and they just quietly and firmly stay on the land they love without any complaint. Yes! “Firm and tenacious” are the right words to describe them. As summer goes and winter comes, they are beaten down by the wind and rain. They just quietly wait for spring. Then they put forth their new green shoots to tell people that spring is coming.

Yes! Spring is coming! The spring of the human world is coming! Let’s think about the Falun Dafa practitioners who are being persecuted by the wicked Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They are like grass. They never hit people or yell at people. They are honest, kind and have a compassionate heart. They love and respect their work. They work hard without any complaints. But they also have perseverance. Because of their beliefs, they were illegally arrested, put in jail, and endured inhuman torture. They did not flinch when facing countless kinds of severe torture. They will not give up their beliefs even though they might be tortured to death. What kind of power do they have that enables them to not give up their beliefs? What kind of power makes them clarify the truth to people while enduring inhuman torture and the risk of losing their lives? In this ancient civilized country, what kind of government and people can commit such grossly unjust crimes—torturing such kind-hearted people?

When walking close to these kind-hearted cultivators, you can feel their honesty and tolerance. When trying to understand them, you will feel the beauty that Falun Dafa has brought to them. They follow the universal principles of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance.” The principles of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance” have no national boundaries. They are the basic foundation of the universe. It is so hard to understand this persecution. What kind of people do not like these kind-hearted cultivators? What kind of people do not like the universal Dafa? Only those people who have lost their conscience and their morality can be so stupid and so evil. No! They no longer belong to the group of human beings. Human beings cannot commit such evil crimes. Human beings cannot do that. Only the evil party and the human garbage that has been possessed by the evil will hate these kind-hearted, upright, and tolerant people. They are role models for humanity. They are the human spring. They are the hope and salvation of the world.

Yes! Dafa brings spring to the human world. Under such evil persecution, Dafa practitioners use their hands and their wisdom to create such a miracle. They not only insist on their beliefs but also use their own money to print truth-clarification materials to tell people the true story of their persecution. They try to save humanity’s virtue and conscience. They try to tell people that the only hope of being saved is to stay away from the evil, embrace kindness, and withdraw from all organizations controlled by the evil Party. Now, there are more than 51,700,000 people from different levels of government and society who have withdrawn from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. They have made the right decision for their families, for themselves, and for the harmony and prosperity of the human world. More and more people have awakened and joined the fight against the evil persecution and in support of kindness. This will lead humanity to a beautiful future.

In order to restore the Chinese culture, which was devastated by the evil CCP, the Shen Yun Performing Arts group had their world tour. Their performances were well received and highly recognized. People who watched the show were very excited about it. People who heard about the show were very happy about the show. This is a magnificent cultural show without any communist party culture. This show has brought together people of different races and different religions and gained their full support. This is the righteous power of the show. These performers are the hope for humanity.

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