Understandings on Life: Not Disturbed by Fame or Interest

By Guan Ming

PureInsight | October 20, 2009

[PureInsight.org] I like to calm down and observe the peaceful sea after it has experienced a storm. I also like to observe the sunny sky after it has experienced a rain. The very peaceful sea brings serenity and the very sunny sky makes one refreshed.

Since the first day of my cultivation, I felt it is like crafting jade. That is, one elevates through tribulations and pains. Remain steadfast in the face of big tribulations and sacrifice tremendously while bearing heavy responsibilities—these hardships forge a person with great virtues. In fact, anything that happens to a cultivator is a good thing. As long as one remains determined, there is no mountain that cannot be crossed.

For a truly enlightened being, things happening in everyday society are very insignificant. One at the Arhat level is able to see through things and remain happy regardless of how much loss of personal interest he experiences. In contrast, worldly people pay much attention to fame and interest and hold onto them tightly.

There is a couplet from the Ming Dynasty: “Not attached to name and fame, quietly observe blossoms come and go. Not disturbed by ups or downs, calmly watching clouds gather and disperse.” This was from Xiao Chuang You Ji, a self-improvement book edited by Chen Jiru. Its meaning is that a person with great wisdom will be able to see through things and remain undisturbed by surrounding incidents.

Without selfishness, one will have an open and broad-minded heart. Without calculating gains or losses, one will be able to preserve dignity on his own righteous path. Without paying too much attention to success or failure, one will not be attached to opinions from others and will instead walk his own path well.

There are some unreasonable people in life. When a cultivator forbears, someone may consider him weak. In fact, every genuine cultivator has abilities, and compassion coexists with dignity.

One quiet night, I raised my palm and recited the Fa-rectification verse. By letting go of myself and remaining calm, I felt connected to boundless energy in the universe. I was also immersed in compassion and harmony within myself. When looking at the sky, I felt nothing was important except my mission [to save sentient beings].

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2009/5/15/59533.html

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