Why We Have ";Heart";

PureInsight | September 10, 2001

During the most beautiful time period in our cosmos, living beings had no such thing as a “heart.” “Heart,” in fact, was created by the old evil forces in order to stop the Fa-rectification. I have suddenly understood that “heart,” as well as all other attachments, are not part of our true natures. They really are not.

The “good heart,” as in benevolent compassion, is not part of us either. Master Li said, “Gods at extremely high levels say, ‘What is compassion?’ They find that even compassion is an attachment (“Lecture at the Western United States Fa Conference”).” To show another example of the good heart, gods who have involved themselves in the Fa-Rectification want to help our Master. But their realms and purity, when measured with the standard of the original Dafa of the cosmos, are no longer adequate. Therefore, their arrangements and assistance have become the biggest obstacles to Fa-rectification.

“They’re not demons, although they’re doing things that even demons aren’t at all capable of. They pretend with hypocrisy that they look out for people’s well-being, but their damage is real (“Lecture at the Western United States Fa Conference”).”

For a long time, I did not understand the sentence, “People have to think while leading their lives (Zhuan Falun, Lecture Six, ‘Our Main Consciousness Should be Predominate’).” Now I understand. I also understand why the ancient Chinese people talked about “heart thinking.” All these are part of the old evil forces’ arrangements.

Modern human beings have learned the “heart” shape from alien beings. But the heart has come to represent decadence and degeneration. From here, I think that the human body, the human eyes, and all the surface layers of a human being are not part of our true nature. Under such an environment, however, Dafa disciples truly try to break through these human layers to clarify the Fa; this is why disciples are magnificent.

Level after level, from the highest to the lowest, our universe has become deformed. And level after level our Master offers salvation by exhausting all he has.

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