Saving People: Understandings After Watching Monk Ji Gong's Story in the Shen Yun Show

By a Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | October 20, 2009

[] At first, I liked Shen Yun’s story of monk Ji Gong because of its dancing, music, clothing, and background setting. All of these were very beautiful and harmonious. However, after watching the performance over and over again, I suddenly realized that it was also telling Dafa practitioners to hurry up and use all our wisdom to save people.

On stage, it was a story about a rich family’s wedding. It was a very happy and enjoyable environment—very much like the feelings that everyday people nowadays have. However, although people were enjoying a happy life, they did not know that disasters were coming. Right now, people are indulged in material pleasure, working hard for personal gain, and lost in the maze of technology and prosperous urban life. How difficult it is to clarify the truth to such people?!

Through the years, we have noticed one fact when clarifying the truth: some people easily accept it while some do not no matter how you tell them. During truth-clarification, practitioners have used great wisdom and created many miracles. However, during these final steps, there are still people who have not yet accepted the truth although they have seen it manifest. At such critical moments, some practitioners are hesitating and some want to give up since they are feeling a little “tired.” However, when thinking about our prehistoric vows and Teacher's expectations, we will realize the urgency [of this period of time] and be motivated to do better.

Monk Ji Gong is a person in the old cosmos, and what he did was also to help Dafa practitioners to save sentient beings today. From this, we can see that what happened in history was actually arranged for Dafa practitioners to save people during this period of time and establish mighty virtue.

When clarifying the truth to people, we have seen some that are very stubborn and unwilling to accept it. Still, we cannot give up on them. Instead, we should use our wisdom and send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate any evil elements behind them. We need to believe in the power of Dafa. Also, just like Ji Gong, we may consider some effective ways in everyday society. Although people do not completely know, they will understand it when the truth is unveiled.

Sometimes I felt that overall, practitioners have become relatively mature. I can tell this from practitioners around me, no matter what their understandings of the Fa, eliminating attachments, or letting go of oneself to become one body are. Right now, the evil has become very weak. Teacher said in “Greetings,” “The evil is finished and the environment has changed.” We need to do better in saving people.

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