Some Understandings in Cultivation: No More Waiting and Taking an Exam

By a Dafa disciple outside of China

PureInsight | October 26, 2009


Do Not Wait Anymore

Because there were Shen Yun performances in my local region, which needed to be promoted, I took some posters and went out to put them up.

At the beginning when I put up the posters, I did the same as last year—I always went to the beauty saloons because from my personal experience those places are more likely to give permission for posting. Many other places might say that they have a policy not to allow any ads on their windows.

Later, I heard from other practitioners that the situation is different now. Many store owners or managers are happy to let us put up our posters. Then I thought: why do other practitioners have those kinds of feelings, whereas I still have an old notion? In the meantime, I realized that all people should support Shen Yun, no matter if it is a business itself or staff who work in the stores, as Shen Yun is so important in saving sentient beings. So I started to change my mindset and also sent forth righteous thoughts. As a result, I found many stores welcomed us putting up Shen Yun posters.

After posting some of the materials, I found that I still had a lot in my hand. The performance date was approaching. I thought that maybe I took too many posters for myself; should I give some to fellow practitioners? Then I realized that I had done the very minimum in promoting Shen Yun, and posting more promotion materials was an opportunity for me to make up for it. So I made up my mind and decided to put up all the remaining posters.

However, during this time I was still very busy with other work. It seemed that I could not find time to do all the postings. Then I thought that no matter what it took, I needed to finish this most important thing first and I would take care of the rest later.

I then started to put up more posters and I felt the results were extremely good. Many stores were happy to post our materials. There was a lady who might have been the owner in one store I visited. She saw the poster and listened to my introduction about the show (I did not mention Falun Dafa). Then she took out a book from the drawer and took out the bookmark from the book and asked me: “What is this?” I took a close look. It was a small bookmark that had Dafa information on it and a beautiful folded paper lotus flower attached to the top. I then told her about Falun Dafa. She was excited and said that she got the bookmark from a parade and she likes it very much.

In front of one store, I met a gentleman. He asked me about the Shen Yun show and asked for a poster. He said that he wanted to post it in his church.

On my way home, I thought about my experience of the past few days posting flyers and the feeling I had from attending the New York Fa conference. I sighed in my heart: it is time to change my old notions. As long as it is good for saving sentient beings and validating Dafa, we should not hesitate and just go ahead and do it.

Taking an Exam

Recently, I had a dream. In my dream, there was an exam. The questions were fairly simple. You just needed to write a few sentences and hand in the test paper.

However, after writing just a few simple characters, they were ugly and could not be easily recognized. I tried to trace them a couple of times but this still did not work well.

When I woke up, I realized that I had not done well in many aspects. There won’t be so many opportunities in the future. We should all put aside our attachments and do things well and nobly.

Published on June 17, 2009

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