Contemporary Legend: A Girl Waving Her Wings

Wang Haotian

PureInsight | December 6, 2009

[] A new semester started recently and many Chinese students joined the art college. There was one day when we went to a park near the student dorm to do the exercises and distribute truth-clarification materials. A Chinese girl of about 17 or 18 years old was sitting on a bench. She was wearing heavy makeup and her face was like an oil painting. With long hair dyed light yellow and tied up, she looked like a Japanese Bushi. She also wore fashionable jeans with several intentional rips.

When I looked at her, I wondered how I was going to talk to her. I was a little hesitant because of her cold and arrogant looking attitude. However, Teacher has told us to be compassionate to all beings, and we cannot just focus on superficial appearances. I calmed down and had an intangible feeling that I may have met her in the past. I started to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate any bad thoughts of my own as well as to clean out her dimension.

I smiled and walked up to her. She was smoking, and she put out the cigarette when seeing me walk over to her. I talked to her about the importance of quitting the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). She read the truth-clarification materials I gave her as she listened to me talk. Then she said, “I’m an art student and not interested in this or the Party, but I used to be a member of the CCP Young Pioneers when I was little. Do I need to quit that?” I replied, “Of course, if you quit you’ll have nothing to worry about and may do even better in your art.” She smiled: “All right, then please quit for me.” On the form, she used the alias “Angel.”

When I saw her for the second time, her heavy makeup had become lighter and the oil painting became a beautiful watercolor picture. She greeted me and invited me to her dorm room. There was a picture on the wall right inside the door—it was an angel sitting on the moon with stars in a blue sky as the background. The angel was thinking with its hands under its jaw and its wings hanging down. There were some words beside the picture: “I am an angel that has come to the human world with its wings broken.”

The girl said she drew this picture about herself. I was touched by the long waiting and wandering of sentient beings. We talked for a long time. She was simple and frank. I could tell that she was very wise and not contaminated by modern day society. Later, as we talked more, I invited her to watch the video of Teacher's Fa Lecture. The next day, she did not go anywhere else until she finished watching the video. She smiled and pointed to Teacher's picture on the wall and said, “Teacher is looking at me.”

On the following day, she was very excited, “Last night, I dreamed about a fairy. She gave me a book using a very graceful gesture. It was very beautiful and I still remember it.” She was talking and mimicking the gesture at the same time. Then she pointed at her forehead between her eyebrows, “Now I can see some words here and the first one is 'bravery'.” I was happy to hear that, especially since she had only just started to practice. She did not have any difficulty in doing the double-lotus sitting position. Other practitioners were also glad to see this.

When looking around us, there are many sentient beings who are still waiting. They could be saved if we wanted to help them. When looking at myself and those beings passing by, I realized that the difference may just be our one thought, that is, a cultivator's compassionate thought could determine a sentient being's future.

Once an angel who came to the human world with wings broken, the girl is now rectifying herself and returning to her origin. Since then, the girl changed and stopped using makeup and has revealed to the world her beautiful and true self. With wings waving, she is now flying to her own beautiful world.

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