Understandings on Letting Go of the Attachment to Comfort

Xiao Ling

PureInsight | January 25, 2010

[PureInsight.org] My friend, an everyday person, recently told me her experience of learning about traditional culture. She has a decent job and a high salary and a beautiful daughter. In the past, when traveling or going out shopping with her daughter, she always bought some nice but nonessential clothing or items. After learning about traditional culture with her daughter, she realized that one should refrain from seeking luxury. Later, when going out shopping, most of the time she just looked around without purchasing things. She also sent three hundred pieces of her daughter’s beautiful clothes to other people.

I felt guilty upon hearing this story, since I have been enjoying a leisurely life seeking comfort and luxury. Even an everyday person could obey traditional disciplines from ancient wisdom, but I—as a practitioner—have not been able to resist material temptation. My dresser and cabinets are full of clothes, but I still buy a lot when I see something I like. Every day after returning home, the first thing I would do is eat snacks and get on the Internet. I wasted a lot of time that should have been spent on Fa study. During weekends or in other free time, I liked to invite everyday friends for coffee or eating together.

After seeking comfort for a long time, I could feel my attachment to fear had also increased. I had been doing the Three Things required by Master, but sometimes I did well and sometimes I did not. I also felt I was not truly immersed in the Fa. About one year ago, I was determined to let go of these bad habits since they constrained me and prevented me from cultivating diligently. An everyday person may enjoy materialistic indulgence, but that is something a cultivator needs to let go of. Then, for a practitioner on the path to becoming a god, how can we handle various things around us in life?

When reviewing my habits in the past, I have set the following requirements for myself:

1. No eating after lunch. During Buddha School cultivation in the past, after lunch one did not eat in the afternoon or in the evening. According to theories in the Buddha School, no eating after lunch helps one reduce desires and increases time for enlightenment. When a Dafa practitioner cultivates in everyday society, by letting go of the desire for food, it would be easier for one to calm down as well as allowing more time for Fa study and doing the Three Things.

2. Returning to clothing traditions. Historically, Chinese women have been appraised as dignified and reserved. However, after Chinese culture was influenced by the CCP to seek materialistic indulgence and pleasure, woman have been moving towards wearing tight and exposed clothing as a fashion. People forget about traditions and use superficial vanity to cover their inner weaknesses. When watching the recent Clothing Competition held by NTDTV, I was deeply impressed by the fact that traditional Chinese women consider modesty, simplicity, and dignity as beautiful. I also reminded myself to stop buying those modern and fashionable clothing. Now I have more time to study the Fa and share with fellow practitioners. In fact, this is also a process of letting go of other attachments such as ego and lust.

3. Utilize my resources to validate the Fa. With help from another practitioner, I recently bought a high quality Canon printer. Teacher said we should have more truth-clarification material production sites and now I am able to join in on this effort.

As I am writing this article, I remember some practitioners have shared on this topic in the past. Dafa practitioners are creating examples for future mankind. Only by using our resources and time appropriately as well as letting go of the attachment to comfort can we reach the realm of selflessness.

Above are some of my understandings; please point out anything that is inappropriate.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2009/10/8/61956.html

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