Cultivation Enlightenment: Recharging Our Batteries and Breaking Through the Internet Blockade

Mainland China Dafa Disciple, Xiao Yu

PureInsight | January 12, 2010

[] Two days ago, I charged the batteries for my MP3 player for several hours but they still had no power. I thought it was interference and that I should not acknowledge it, so I continued to charge them for the whole day. At night, I was worried that I might have overcharged them, but they were still without power. It was time to do the five sets of exercises, so I didn’t think further and used non-rechargeable batteries to play the exercise music.

The next day, I decided to buy new rechargeable batteries for the convenience of doing the exercises and listening to the Fa lectures. I went to many stores but they didn’t have any in stock. A fellow practitioner reminded me: “Have you enlightened? You shouldn’t buy them.” I agreed. After I came back to the office, I started to examine this strange situation. Later, I found out why it happened.

For several days, I hadn’t been able to connect to the Minghui website and was worried. I wasn’t calm when I studied the Fa and treated it as a formality. I suddenly enlightened: “No wonder the batteries didn’t have any power after charging; it’s because the electrical power couldn’t go into them!”

After I got home, I thought that I must concentrate on studying the Fa calmly. Meanwhile, I charged the batteries again. The next morning when I tried them, the MP3 player worked! I thanked Master for his benevolent hint and became determined to cultivate more diligently.

These days, the Internet has been blocked badly. Many practitioners, including myself, couldn’t get to the Minghui website. I was so worried that I developed a blister in my mouth. Without being able to download the materials, I couldn’t do many things. Meanwhile, I had an ordinary people’s notion that the Internet blockage would be bad leading up to October 1st (the anniversary of the founding of the CCP), and after October 1st, the situation would get better, so I could just wait for a couple of days. This thought of course was not righteous. I decided to send righteous thoughts to disintegrate all evil elements, old forces, and wicked beings of the Chinese Communist Party that interfere with breaking through the Internet blockage. Moreover, I decided to study the Fa first, putting aside the mind of doing things. When I realized this, I felt relieved. While I discarded the human notions and kept studying the Fa, the situation changed. This morning a fellow practitioner gave me a piece of software. By using this software, called Freedom Gate, I was able to connect to Minghui and the speed was fast. I sighed with gratitude for Master’s benevolent arrangements and for fellow practitioners’ selfless help.

I would like to end this article with a quote from Master’s poem, “The Master-Disciple Bond,” from Hong Yin II:

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughts
Master has the power to turn back the tide”

I hope all fellow practitioners walk each step seriously during the last phase of Fa-rectification. We must never be unworthy of Master’s salvation and never let the sentient beings in the universe down.

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