My Experience with Toothache Treatment

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | December 6, 2009

[] I wanted to write this article a long time ago. I didn’t write it before because I thought that my understanding of Dafa was shallow and limited. Recently, I found out that several practitioners around me had tribulations. Some of them had toothaches and some of them had high blood pressure. Some have stayed at the hospital. So, I wanted to write down my experience on handling toothaches.

Two years ago, I started to have a toothache. At that time, my toothache was very bad. I was afraid of opening my mouth when I ate. My cheeks were swollen. I was even afraid of speaking loudly. In the beginning, I thought it was a hint to me to cultivate my speech and to speak less. Later on, I realized that it was eliminating my karma. I tried to ignore it, but I could not find the root cause of the problem no matter how hard I tried to look inside myself. The toothache got worse day by day. In addition, my teeth became loose. I could easily pull out my teeth. My family members asked me to go to the hospital, and my friends told me of a special treatment method. I thought that everyday people’s illness treatments had nothing to do with the illness symptoms of a practitioner. I firmly believed that I could find a good “prescription” to “treat” my “illness” from examining myself with Dafa.

Finally, when I shared my experience with practitioners, I realized that even though it is a toothache on the surface level, it was actually corresponding to layers upon layers of huge universes at the microscopic level. There are countless sentient beings and it is a huge system. If the tooth were pulled out at the surface level, the sentient beings at the microscopic levels would also be eliminated. Obviously, it was the arrangement of the evil old forces. Master said: “Master has his ways, while they have theirs” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference”). My understanding is that the old forces wanted practitioners to cultivate themselves with tribulations and hardships. But what Master wants is different. Master wants us to look inside to cultivate ourselves and at the same time offer salvation to more sentient beings (including the countless sentient beings within our own universe). If we follow the path arranged by Master, everything will be beautiful. After I realized this, I sat up and sent righteous thoughts immediately to fully disintegrate all the old force’s interference that was corresponding to my tooth at the microscopic level. I would not allow the old forces to eliminate the sentient beings from the dimension where I had karma. I want to save all my sentient beings. “The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated, Mie!” I ordered my tooth to immediately return to its healthiest state. I would not allow my tooth to fall out. During those days, I sent righteous thoughts towards my tooth several times every day. But after I did that, my toothache became even worse. I asked myself, did I have the wrong understanding? After I thought about it from the perspective of Fa, I was sure that I was right. Therefore, I was very confident and continued to send strong righteous thoughts. I kept eliminating the evil constantly…

Gradually, my tooth became better and I could open my mouth wide to eat. Later on, my cheeks were not swollen and my tooth seemed more stable. I continued to send righteous thoughts…

Soon I found that my tooth, which would have ordinarily fallen out, became very stable and I did not feel any pain. The practitioners around me who had similar teeth problems had their teeth fall out. They had to have many false teeth put in.

Dafa is so powerful that it can do anything. As long as our thinking is based on Dafa, anything can become a beautiful thing. This is my experience that I want to share with other practitioners.

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