An Excuse that Seems “Innocent”

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | January 25, 2010

[] Last night, I picked up my son’s biology textbook to see what he had learned recently, thinking of helping him prepare for his exam next week. Before I opened the book, he said to me, “Mom, please don’t. I can prepare myself.” “I just want to take a look,” I replied and stood up.

Then I realized that I had found an “innocent” excuse for myself. Teacher has told us to let go of our attachment of not accepting criticism. We should maintain high xinxing (mind-nature) and be considerate of others instead of finding excuses for ourselves. However, we often forget about this in our daily life. Regardless of what people to say to us, as long as there is some disagreement with others, we tend to defend ourselves. Even if our tone seems mild, we are still looking for excuses to defend ourselves, “What I meant was…,” “I did not want to…,” or “In fact….” We are always emphasizing ourselves instead of trying to improve ourselves.

Such self-defense is a bad habit in everyday society. I did not get rid of it before in cultivation. Now, since we have understood the Fa-principles, we should let go of it easily.

Behind these excuses is selfishness, which is manifested in many ways: a word, a movement, or a facial expression. However, as practitioners, we are fundamentally changing ourselves. Without the root, how long can these twigs of selfishness survive?

The moment of recognizing it is the time to eliminate it.

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