Distributing Shen Yun DVD’s Brings Me Good Luck

A Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | February 1, 2010

[PureInsight.org] I travel a lot and always bring DVD’s of the Shen Yun Performing Arts with me. I grab every single opportunity to distribute those DVD’s and I always have new and good results from distributing them.

Today, I was in a hurry to catch a train. I didn’t have time to buy any food before I got on the train. It was very unusual today in that the food carts did not show up at all even after the train had started running and had stopped at several stations. To my surprise, there was no sign of any food stalls at any train stations where our train stopped either. I became very hungry and was wondering what I should do about it. At the very beginning, a kind-hearted man who sat opposite me offered me some food, but I was too shy to accept it then. I became hungrier later and had to accept the food that he offered. I thought to buy some food at the next station to reward him for his kindness.

The train finally arrived at a big station. I bought a lot of food and snacks on the platform and offered him the food for his kindness.

I believe that there was a predestined relationship by which we ran into each other. I was thinking about giving him a DVD of the Shen Yun performance. At that moment, I hesitated due to safety concerns (if caught or reported I could be persecuted). The moment when I was going to get up to leave the train, I remained calm and took a DVD from my bag. I gave him the DVD and said, “It was a pleasure meeting you here. Thank you for your kindness of offering me food. I would like to give you a very good DVD, which is not available in China.” He was very pleased and accepted it. He also said, “It’s not easy for all of us when travelling around. We have to look after each other.”

Right at this moment, a big man who looked like he was a Northeasterner was coming towards us. An idea flashed in my mind that I must give him a DVD, too. But I withdrew a bit for safety reasons. The train was approaching the platform and I had no more time to consider it. Before I got off the train, I took out another DVD from my bag and gave it to him. I said, “It’s predestined luck for us to come across each other here, so I would like to give you a DVD of the best performance in the world.” The man was very surprised but accepted the DVD happily.

This train was running late. I was scheduled to disembark at the next train station to transfer to another train, but I had very limited time to do it because this train was running late. I decided not to leave the station to buy a ticket for the other train. Instead, I would get on that train and buy a ticket on board. Even so, I wondered whether I had enough time to catch the other train.

Nevertheless, I got off the train and headed to the other platform. I saw a train stopping on the platform and a conductor standing besides the door. I hopped onto the train after I confirmed with the conductor that this was the train I wanted. To my amazement, the train started as soon as I got on it. The conductor was so surprised that he said to me, “The train was waiting here especially for you.”

I was amazed, too. I thought to myself that I was very lucky to have caught the train. I was wondering whether it was a reward for my sincere distributions of the Shen Yun DVD’s in order to save sentient beings.

On the surface, there was no connection between these things at all. But I believe that good deeds will get good rewards. According to the heavenly principle, all good deeds will be rewarded and all bad deeds will be punished. This experience has encouraged me to make greater efforts to distribute DVD’s of the Shen Yun performance.

Translated from:http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2009/10/15/62112.html

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