What Dominates Our Life?

Wang Haotian

PureInsight | August 30, 2010

[PureInsight.org] We recently held a truth-clarification exhibition by the beach. Seeing the crowds stop in front of our posters, look at each one carefully, and occasionally ask questions, I could tell that they were from all walks of life, ranging from wealthy merchants and government officials, to tourists from other European countries. Although they came from different places, they gathered here in front of the posters and found one thing in common—the truth.

Looking at these people, I had a question for myself, “What dominates our life?” If you ask the merchants or government officials, they may think their aspirations and perseverance brought them wealth and success. However, there is no exit to the cycle of birth-aging-sickness-death. And this cycle seems to dominate the path of our life.

After climbers summit the highest peaks in the world, people celebrate with deep admiration of the climbers’ strong perseverance that conquered these awesome high mountains. When thinking about this further, however, we notice that the high mountains have not moved or changed over thousands of years. So, what makes people willing to spend time, money, and energy to climb them? We can speculate that it is the grandeur of these mountains, not the climber’s perseverance, that drive them to make their efforts and sacrifices.

Another example is various places around the world that attract people to travel and visit, even if it means a flight of over hundreds or thousands of miles. Looking back on the trips, some may believe even more in the power of money, which makes their trips possible. In fact, it is the beauty of these scenic places that attract people, giving them joy. In this case, nature dominates people’s interests and moods.

Then, what dominates our life? Is it the cycle of birth-aging-sickness-death, or is it nature? In fact, neither of them does.

The beauty of nature, from great mountains, giant rivers, and forests with rare plants, to the orderly stars in the sky, none of them is made by mankind. Nature cannot create itself either. Its existence, like the display of a masterpiece, seems to provide us with an environment to live in. The cycle of birth-aging-sickness-death started as early as the beginning of the human race. It is not created by mankind, either.

Faced with such dilemmas, we have no choice but to rely on supernatural beings, or ancient legends, to answer these questions. In fact, they are the truth we have been looking for and can help solve these dilemmas.

That is to say, it is Truth that dominates our life: truth of who we are, where we came from, and where we will go. In order to find that truth, people from generation to generation climb up—closer to the sky, and visit various scenic places. Only when finding Truth, can we resolve this dilemma.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2010/8/10/67828.html


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