What a Western Practitioner Saw in Other Dimensions: Sending Righteous Thoughts to Help My Mother Pass the Test of Sickness Karma

Western Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | June 9, 2010

[PureInsight.org] My mother lost consciousness again. The doctor said three of her internal organs were not functioning. I saw three evil spirits in another dimension inside my mother’s body. In a deeper dimension, they were three persons who were busy destroying my mother’s body. I used my true thoughts to talk with my mother while she was unconscious. Her main spirit, young and beautiful, stood in front of me.

I said: “Mother, I cannot cure your sickness. Only if you want to cultivate and want to be a Dafa disciple, then I can help you. Moreover, according to the Fa principles in Zhuan Falun, your prolonged life must be used to practice cultivation.”

My mother replied: “I want to be a Dafa disciple, I promise.”

Then I asked Master while in a state of stillness: “Master, I wouldn’t ask you to save my mother only because she’s my mother. Now she wants to be a Dafa disciple. I will leave it to Master to arrange whether she stays or goes. No matter what the result is, I believe Master will arrange the best.” Master looked benevolent and performed hand signs towards me. Suddenly, I felt I possessed a strong divine power. I kept growing so tall that I stood upright between the heaven and the earth.

Later, I sent righteous thoughts and tried to reason with the three evil spirits for a benevolent solution. At first they didn’t answer me and kept doing what they did, pretending they couldn’t hear me. My Immortal Infant got ready and my dragon helped me to stop them in that dimension. However, they immediately escaped to another dimension. My dragon transformed into two dragons and chased them back to this dimension and then I used a supernormal ability to nail them there. My Immortal Infant emitted powerful Gong, which was about to disintegrate them. At that crucial moment they agreed to settle for a benevolent solution. They said they would wait for my mother in my mother’s world.

Right after I finished sending righteous thoughts, my mother was able to move her arms and legs. The toxin came out of her body in her urine and stool and her stomach was no longer that swollen anymore. However, the next day she still couldn’t regain consciousness, and I realized I had been fooled by the three beings. My mother had been sick and suffering for so many years. Ever since she said she would start to cultivate, although her cultivation was on and off, her karma had already been arranged and eliminated by Master. I saw her body was well-illuminated and I didn’t see the karma. So what excuses could those three beings use to continue to destroy her body? My mother’s world was extremely wonderful. Should they go to her world to wait? Were they worthy of staying there?

In the evening my wife and I came to send righteous thoughts for my mother. Prior to that my wife said: “I will eliminate any evil beings which persecute Dafa disciples. I won’t care whether the Dafa disciple is your mother or some unknown fellow practitioner. Although my mother-in-law is a new practitioner, as long as she wants to cultivate I will help. Today I will show no leniency. My mother-in-law can’t regain consciousness until the evil behind her is eliminated. I haven’t promised to settle with them for a benevolent solution, so I can take care of this thing.”

In a state of stillness, I saw my dragon and my wife’s phoenix quickly chase the three beings out of my mother’s body. The phoenix then shouted with a deafening sound and the three beings were immediately disintegrated in the sound wave.

Afterwards, my mother regained consciousness. The doctor said the toxin level inside her body was 248. (For an ordinary person, a level of 40 means being not clearly conscious and level of 80 means being in a state of unconsciousness, or a human vegetable.)

With my third eye I saw in all dimensions my mother had a body. They were all healthy. The doctor couldn’t explain her recovery. Such high toxin levels should mean death but my mother was recovering. The doctor had said that even if she regained consciousness the pain caused by her three severely damaged organs would be unbearable. But my mother didn’t feel any pain at all. This showed that Master had already taken care of my mother’s karma.

My mother told me that every time she said, “Falun Dafa is good,” the angels who had been guarding her day and night would shout and jump for joy. She often saw Falun rotating around her bed or her room. She also saw Master’s Fashen come to the room several times.

On my last visit, I did the exercises in her room. My mother’s main spirit looked like a twenty–year old and was very healthy and beautiful and she did the exercises with us. Her main spirit said to me: “Don’t worry about me. Don’t feel sad about me. My life will live happily forever. I am taken care of by Master.”

My mother did the exercises on and off with us about four or five times. And she read a few pages of Zhuan Falun. She listened to the 9-day audio lectures as well. At the beginning, I wasn’t sure whether my mother was qualified as a new practitioner. When she really wanted to cultivate, she was already critically ill. She lost consciousness very often. At her request, I printed for her the picture of Master holding one palm erect. She told me before that when she did the exercises Master in that picture always smiled and encouraged her, saying she could do it and Master would help her. After my mother became conscious finally, she held the picture in her hand and kept kissing it. I knew that I chose her as my mother before I came to the human world. It was led by a karmic relationship but also it was well planned by Master. However, if my mother could reach consummation in the future, it was because she believed in Master and respected Master; thus she is being benevolently saved by Master. Master not only protects true Dafa practitioners but also protects new practitioners, Dafa disciples’ family members, as well as those ordinary people who have kind thoughts towards Dafa!

The year of the Tiger is coming. I would like to say, “Happy Chinese New Year, Master!” My family and I thank Master for salvation. I will forever love and hold esteem for and follow Master!

Meanwhile, I wish all Dafa disciples in China and all over the world a happy Chinese New Year. In the year of the Tiger, let’s eliminate the evil, assist Master to rectify the Fa, and fulfill our vows!


Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2010/2/12/64285.html


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