Cultivation Understandings: Saving Family Members on Household Chores (2)

Wei Li

PureInsight | May 2, 2010

[] There was a heavy snow several days ago. I briefly swept the doorsteps but did not clean the snow in the yard.

When my husband came home after work and saw this, he was very angry, “You only study Fa all day long. Why don’t you get things organized? You are just like a slave who does not move until told to.”

As he was complaining, I started to sweep the yard and felt his comments were unfair, I was thinking, “This yard is so big, when can I finish it? It takes so long! Why doesn’t he do it but asked me to instead?”

While sweeping the yard, I came to some new understandings. As a practitioner, I should do everything well. Home is the place for me to do the exercises, why didn’t I do the housework but instead waited for my husband to complain? This was because of my laziness and the attachment of seeking comfort. I also realized that I tended to look outside instead of looking within myself. It was because my xinxing was not high enough and thus the evil could use my husband to scold me. Wasn’t I pushing sentient beings downward? Was I responsible? It seems that from now on, I should eliminate the mentality of selfishness.

With that thought, I no longer felt tired and had already finished sweeping more than half of the yard. My husband said, “You can take a break and get ready for dinner. I will finish the rest.”

When my way of thinking changed, the outcome also changed.

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