Breaking Down Barriers Between Practitioners: Settling Things With Benevolent Solutions

Chen Xi

PureInsight | June 14, 2010


Breaking Down Barriers Between Practitioners

Recently I felt uncomfortable whenever thinking of a certain practitioner. Various issues in the past several years mixed together and made me very upset. I wondered, “What happened? Does this mean I need to improve now?” When thinking about this, I had to admit that the situation had lasted a long time without any breakthrough. Many practitioners are talking about forming one body, breaking down human notions, and harmonizing to better to save sentient beings. When I still have barriers with other practitioners, how can this be the appropriate bearing of a practitioner? Having these thoughts is actually delaying the progress of Fa-rectification.

Then I looked within to see where the barrier came from. I still had no respect for that practitioner due to some of her shortcomings that I saw in the past such as having too many human notions, a lack of frankness, shirking responsibility, the attachment of fear, and ideas that did not fit my opinions. In fact, why did I pick on her and forgot to examine myself? Didn’t I have similar problems? The answer is yes, otherwise, I would not have seen her shortcomings.

In fact, there are many places where the practitioner has cultivated very well. For example, she is good at face-to-face truth clarification and is willing to help other practitioners who are in tribulations. It is my own notions that made me focus on her shortcomings.

Whenever I have a conflict with a fellow practitioner, it is my own problem. When I resolve the problems on my side, the uneasy feeling will naturally be gone.

Settling with Benevolent Solutions

Ever since I was young, I liked to dream about things, imagining how outstanding and capable I was. In reality, however, I am just a normal girl, from appearance to talent. Then where did this arrogance come from? In the beginning, I used to think it was because I was very young and without many accomplishments. The attachment to showing off and the pursuit of fame made me dream about things so that I would feel balanced. After realizing this, I tried to improve my xinxing in this area, but the result was very limited. I still had the mentality of being superior to other people and this feeling was especially strong when I traveled. I felt bad about this, thinking that I didn’t cultivate well. Recently, Master helped me to see some of my previous incarnations. Then I came to understand that those feelings did not arise from my youth, but were human notions accumulated through the long journey of my incarnations.

When watching the Shen Yun performance several days ago, I was deeply touched by the archery dance. The athletic movements of the archers took me back to ancient times. I felt like an ancient general, fighting in the battlefield along with other soldiers and entertaining ourselves together in our spare time. Even now, the happy feeling still makes a deep impression on me.

Then, I found in another existence a fake me sitting in my dimension. He was smiling happily, with an expression of superiority on his face. I have seen it in the past, but did not pay much attention to it. Now I realized that this feeling of superiority of mine came from this lifetime and I wondered how to handle this situation. In the past, when seeing degenerated beings such as demons, I eliminated them immediately. But this time, it had the same appearance as me. With some hesitation, I wanted to give it another chance. So, I began to recite Master’s Fa on settling things with benevolent solutions. Then, it disappeared. Since then, my feeling of arrogance has been much weaker, although occasionally it still surfaces somewhat. I think the essential substance is gone and only some habits still exist. Once I correct these habits, everything should be fine.


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