Giving Up Human Notions is True Cultivation

A Falun Dafa disciple from Mainland China

PureInsight | June 14, 2010

[] A practitioner spoke of his constant feelings of inferiority. Lacking self-confidence, he wanted to give up before even starting a task. I spoke a few comforting words and I told him to do things according to Master’s Fa principle, “the appearance stems from the mind” (“Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting”), and asked him to remember that one’s space and dimension will change with the change of one’s thinking. Another practitioner was touched by hearing what I said. He thanked me for my encouragement. I was happy, but realized that it wasn’t me who encouraged him but Master who used my mouth to encourage him.

Everyone’s character is different. Following birth, people live in their individual environments and form various notions. Many traits that we inherited from our previous lives present roadblocks on our cultivation path. As I comprehend it, cultivation is about continually ridding ourselves of our post-natal notions. Being unable to discern our true selves is frightening. We always considered that false-self formed by our post-natal notions as our true self; this is the greatest hurdle along our cultivation path.

The Fa makes us understand that Master has compressed everything into the book, Zhuan Falun, and that “Lun Yu” is a capsule form of all the meanings contained in Zhuan Falun. I had previously not truly comprehended the meaning of this statement but recently had a few insights. Actually, in my view, cultivation is so simple. Only when we give up human notions can we more fully realize the deeper connotations of Master’s Fa and then truly accomplish our mission.

First published in Chinese on April 4, 2010


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