Introducing Shen Yun at an Open-Air Concert in Toronto

A Dafa practitioner in Toronto

PureInsight | July 19, 2010

[] One day, we received an invitation to an open-air concert at a famous tourist resort in Toronto. The sponsor said we could set up both a booth and a tent to introduce the upcoming Shen Yun performance during the New Year time in Toronto.

With the G20 Summit held in Toronto, many places in the city had high security restrictions. In addition, the resort is in the city, so not many people came to the concert because of inconvenient traffic conditions. To make things worse, it was raining and windy. Even though I held an umbrella, my hair and clothes were still wet. Looking at the near-empty audience seats, I was wondering if we should attend this event or not.

A fellow practitioner arrived and we started to put up the tent. Neither of us had done this in the past, and it took us quite a while to finish it. By then, his clothes were all wet. Seeing him walking to a nearby chair for a rest, I said, “The chair has water all over it. Are you sure you want to sit there?” He laughed and said, “It does not matter. I am even wetter than the chair anyway.”

Although the tent was set up, we still could not play the Shen Yun TV advertisement or display promotional booklets due to the heavy wind and rain. So we went out to eat. Upon coming back, the rain stopped, but it was still cloudy and only a few people were around. I told the fellow practitioner, “If you want, you can get into the car and have a rest. I can handle it here by myself.” He went to the car. There were still not many people around; nonetheless, they were dressed elegantly and some couples were nearby taking wedding pictures. A few people came to our booth and began to watch the Shen Yun promo video as well as read the booklets. They were very interested in the performance. Then it began to rain again and most people left the concert. I thus took out Zhuan Falun and began to read.

After reading for a while, the sky became clear and the fellow practitioner came back. We thus continued introducing Shen Yun to passers-by.

A couple with Italian accents came up to us and asked what we were promoting. I told them about Shen Yun and showed them the booklet. After asking about ticket prices, they wanted to buy three tickets for the show on Sunday afternoon.

Both the fellow practitioner and I were a little surprised. Although we did plan to sell tickets to people, we still had the notion in our minds: “Would someone buy tickets for a show 7 months away?” Right now, seeing someone really want to buy tickets, we were a little unprepared.

After we booked the tickets for them, the couple left happily. The fellow practitioner and I looked at each other, and we almost could not believe what had just happened. I said, “I just read one lecture of Zhuan Falun a moment ago.” The fellow practitioner smiled and said, “How about reading two lectures next time?” We both laughed.

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