The Source of Wonderfulness

Wang Haotian

PureInsight | August 9, 2010

[] After finishing doing the exercises with a fellow practitioner, I met his friend Annan on the way back home. Annan was a monk who had just returned from India. When seeing us, Annan put both his palms together making the heshi gesture to greet us. As we were talking, he was coughing and had difficulty breathing. The fellow practitioner told me that after practicing in a Buddhist monastery for many years, Annan was able to see beings in many dimensions through his celestial eye and communicate with them. However, there was nothing he could do about his asthma and other illnesses. He was very skinny, as if the wind could knock him to the ground.

After hearing that I was from China, Annan asked me about alchemy in ancient China and how to produce dan in order to gain immortal life. It was an interesting, yet pitiful question. Even after cultivating for so many years, he still didn’t understand sickness karma or how to get rid of it. His cultivation was in a dilemma and his practice could not help his health at all.

My fellow practitioner had suggested to Annan to read Zhuan Falun. He did not accept it because he was unwilling to give up his previous cultivation way. With deteriorated health due to illnesses, including the frequent onset of congenital asthma, he went around searching for cures and even went to Tibet to buy specialized medicine. Annan said that that medicine did not help him at all. He traveled to India to find a cure for his illnesses, but this ended up being in vain as well.

Sitting with Annan on a long bench, I briefly discussed sickness karma with him, based on my understanding after reading Zhuan Falun. I also talked about what genuine cultivation is, as well as “Zhen-Shan-Ren is the Sole Criterion to Discern Good and Bad People,” as Master talked about in Zhuan Falun. As I kept talking, his coughing subsided. During this process, the fellow practitioner kept sending forth righteous thoughts to the side.

After the discussion, Annan’s coughing stopped. Upon leaving, he said to me, “I can feel that you have strong energy. After going back home, I will go on to the Internet and read Zhuan Falun.”

Then one day I met Annan again in front of a supermarket and I asked if he had read Zhuan Falun. He said happily, “Yes, I did! Zhuan Falun is very good, and it talks about the truth. Compared to that, what I have practiced in the past is nothing. From the books of Falun Dafa, I understood what heaven really is. For me, Falun Dafa is the source of wonderfulness. Look, my physical body has already improved from Falun Dafa. With those words, he gratefully held his palms together in heshi again.

Thinking back to this experience, I was deeply touched by his words that “for me, Falun Dafa is the source of wonderfulness.” Many people are praying and burning incense to seek a better life, escape from sorrow, or make more money. With human notions, we may have this or that plan. But it hardly works since human thoughts cannot surpass supernatural powers.

To access the source of wonderfulness, we need to remain humble and treat Falun Dafa with respect. One will be blessed for his goodness, a blessing from high levels that is extremely wonderful and compassionate.

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