Fulfilling Our Responsibilities

Wen Wu

PureInsight | September 14, 2010

[PureInsight.org] I once read an article from a practitioner, which talked about gods who vowed to assist Master with the Fa-rectification and save sentient beings. I was in tears while reading that article because deep inside I knew my mission and responsibilities. Now I also understand better the uniqueness of our cultivation—harmonizing what Master wants while letting go of everything of our own.

I have been preparing truth clarification materials for many years in Mainland China. This fact is already known to many ordinary people, due to various reasons including some that were preventable. Nonetheless, under this circumstance, I do not have other choices except to let go of the attachment of fear and strengthen my Fa-study. With strong righteous thoughts, I have been able to keep preparing truth-clarifying materials over the years and I will continue this way. I always think that as long as there is something needed in order to validate the Fa, I should do my best to accomplish it. One day, a practitioner in another city brought in many color inkjet printers and asked me to repair them. I was very happy, since they were all resources that could be used to validate the Fa. With help from my wife and son, I tested the printers one by one. We sorted out the repairable ones, dissembled the rest, and saved the parts for future use. We all knew we were doing something very meaningful. My son, a 16-year-old, has liked to play with tools and machines since he was very young. He is handy and good at figuring out how things work. Plus, he has practiced for a long time and has maintained a good xinxing level. He dissembled most of the printers and, by working together, we repaired two out of the five broken printers. We were able to separate parts from the rest of the printers and save them. We all benefited a lot from this repair process. At first we were puzzled in trying to figure out the problems, but then we went from agitation to patience, and from frustration to confidence. When first looking at some of these printers, I started to complain, “How could someone abuse a printer like this making it dirty and worn out?” Then, I realized I was wrong since practitioners are living in various situations and some may not know how to maintain a printer.

I have been coordinating more than 10 material production sites, from technical support and providing supplies, to distributing printed materials. When there was too much for me to handle, Master often arranged practitioners from other cities—who are very strong in technical skills—to come help me. Over the years, I have come to believe that Dafa disciples are capable of doing anything and nothing can stop us. This is because, as disciples of the Lord of Buddhas, we are walking on the most righteous path. In these years, I have been traveling many times between material production sites repairing equipment, telling practitioners how to use the equipment, and doing troubleshooting. One day in winter, a printer broke down and the practitioner asked me to come and help. The roads were covered by ice and snow. How would I be able to ride my motorcycle on such slippery roads in the dark? Then, realizing that I was a Dafa disciple, I knew I would be able to make it. My wife suggested not going there due to the slippery roads, and I said it would be okay. I went out the door with the motorcycle and left. There were no other vehicles on the road because it was so slippery. However, I arrived at my destination safely without any problems. When riding on the road, I was thinking, “This is cultivation!” Had I not made the journey this time, not only would I have missed an opportunity to improve, but I would also hinder the efforts in my local area to validate the Fa. There was no other option.

When showing other practitioners how to use the equipment, my xinxing improved significantly. For example, one practitioner was arrogant and irritable although she hardly knew anything about the equipment. When seeing that, my heart was also disturbed. Then, I realized that it was an opportunity to let go of my attachments to showing off, vanity, and my ego. So I calmed down and when encountering similar situations later, was able to remain undisturbed while offering help as much as I could.

Some practitioners had some strong human notions. Instead of putting their hearts into producing truth clarification materials, they were often trapped in sentimentality and as a result, the equipment broke down again and again. When that happened, they directly came to me without spending any time to check the equipment themselves. In the beginning, I tended to blame them; but later I realized doing that was actually looking outside myself. Aren't these observations reminding me of some aspects within myself that I should improve upon? Since then, I stopped complaining and always helped practitioners whenever they needed it. I also got them involved and, depending on the situation, explained what I was doing to them using terms that were easy to understand. Without negative feelings on my part, these practitioners also changed. Messy material production sites are now tidy, and as their technical skills improve, these practitioners sometimes know things that I was unaware of in the past.

A local coordinator had a discussion with me last year about storing supplies at my home. I agreed without hesitation. Thus I am now responsible for the supplies for various sites. I have been able to manage my time effectively. With light assignments at work, I often study the Fa at my workplace and help Dafa projects after returning home from work. It has been like this for several years and I have not encountered any major difficulties in validating the Fa. The overall environment in my area is also good. We normally distribute truth clarification pamphlets 4-5 times a year, with more than 10,000 copies at a time. In addition, we find opportunities to clarify the truth face-to-face in our daily lives.

Through the years, I realized that good Fa-study is the foundation for us to validate the Fa well. I do a lot of Fa-study at my workplace every day, and it does not affect my work at all.

I have also come to understand that no matter what Dafa project we are involved in, we have to do it well. That is our cultivation and it is what we are here for.


Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2010/8/19/68019.html


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