Trust Fellow Practitioners

Haotian Wang

PureInsight | September 20, 2010

[] Several days ago, I asked a fellow practitioner to edit my article. He said “Okay.” But his eyes were on his computer at the time, so I reminded him again that he should finish it as soon as possible, or if he didn’t have the time I could ask someone else. The practitioner asked me, “You don’t trust me?” I said, “Yes, it’s just a reminder."

Two days passed but he didn’t do anything. I reminded him every day. Little by little, I got bitter and upset. I started to spy on him. Although I didn’t complain to him, I felt suffocated. My spying on him didn’t make me feel any better, but my mind was still troubled. Today when I saw him still working on the computer, I forced myself to hold back my agitation and reminded him, “Time is running out. Don’t forget to edit the article.” The practitioner said in a cold manner, “You’ve reminded me five times in the last hour.” I slammed the door and went out of the room. I needed to get some fresh air.

After I sat down, I looked within. In a conflict, on the one hand, it is ordinary people’s grievances, strong emotions, and suspicions; on the other hand, we need to cultivate a Dafa disciples’ tolerance. Even in a conflict, we still need to manifest Dafa disciples’ compassion. It is not only about having a kind heart, but also about having compassion towards fellow practitioners. We practitioners are one body. We must not bring negative thoughts and ideas into the one body, otherwise it will cause losses in saving people.

Once I thought of this, the knot in my heart was untied. I decided I would cultivate compassion no matter what conflicts happened between myself and fellow practitioners because there are so many others behind me. I need to be considerate of others. All my doubts and agitation disappeared. My mind turned clear and clean. I had faith in my fellow practitioner: he would surely do the job well.

I felt a warm current coursing through my body. After my negative thoughts were cleared, righteous energy took their place. I was very happy. Although I was in another room, I could feel that the fellow practitioner was working on my article. When I went into his room, I saw him really doing that. He concentrated on the work until very late.

The next day, the fellow practitioner handed me the finished article. I was touched because the quality of the article was so high. The words were sonorous and forceful and the structure was coherent. People couldn’t help showing respect while reading it. I was very happy to read the article. Although the fellow practitioner didn’t say a word, I saw his conscientiousness and carefulness in his work.

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